First-class flights are extremely popular when it comes to transcontinental long haul flights. Many people are willing to pay a lot of money for comfort if the flight lasts over 12 hours. However, sometimes passengers can meet first-class flights on shorter routes also. 

To fly in a luxurious first-class passenger have to pay for the tickets to a first-class cabin, which is sometimes 15-20 times more expensive than a ticket to an economy class. In addition, first-class passengers have increased baggage allowance, meaning that they can take up to 40 kilograms of luggage per person. in the case of transit flights, first-class passengers are accommodated at the hotel for the night, where specially ordered transport takes them directly from the plane to a hotel.

But there are also other ways to fly by the first-class not paying the full sum of money required to purchase a ticket. Moreover, lucky passengers can also take the last minute first class flight to the destination wanted with significant discounts. 

This issue of airfare prices and discounts is of extreme interest to most passengers who have ever tried to purchase their long haul airline tickets. Why is it possible to buy the cheap tickets for the same flight on one day, and much more expensive on another day? Why can the cost of tickets differ at different ticket offices? Let’s look at what factors influence the cost of long haul flights and whether does it makes sense to spend hours on the Internet looking for the cheapest flights.

The more time you have to buy your ticket before the actual take-off the cheaper the ticket will be. In the last days before the flight, the ticket prices start to grow so that the last ones who want to fly would have to pay extra money for the flight.

The cost of tickets differs at different ticket offices as each consolidator company has its own service taxes and provides absolutely different services as well as different website functions when buying your tickets online

There are also other factors that can influence the price of long haul flights. For instance, when using the services of a special airline consolidator company like Cheap First Class passengers can wait until the end of the ticket selling period, and when there will be plenty of free seats they will have a chance to purchase a ticket with a discounted price in the last minutes before the take-off. The reason why many airline companies partnering with Cheap First Class sell their ticket with great discounts before the take-off is to provide the most full board possible in order to prevent serious monetary loses on the less popular routes and flights, where not all tickets have been sold. 

The price for the ticket is always dictated by the tariff which is is the amount o money that the airline receives for providing you with a transportation service. This is the base on which the price of a ticket mainly depends.

In the same direction, different airlines may have different tariffs. The tariff is determined by the airline policy, depending on many factors: the number of free seats, the presence of airline competition in the same direction, seasonal flights, etc.

Stop wasting your time on long-lasting searches of the most suitable time to fly to your favorite or most desired destination point. Use services of the Cheap First Class and find your own flight timely and without any boring and time-consuming problems. Paying less money travel with better comfort with this airline consolidator company. 

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