Paradise doesn’t have to take the form of a tropical island with coconut groves and tiki huts. At CasaMagna Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort & Spa, pristine ocean views blend and rich culture combine with zesty food flair and ultimate relaxation. And the result creates a Utopia that rivals the idyllic sounds and scenery of seaside resorts from around the world.

If you’re not already packing your bags, here are five reasons why this hotel should be your next vacation getaway:

#5 – You’ll arrive as a guest and leave as a family at CasaMagna Marriott.

Everyone you meet at the resort makes you feel like their sole purpose is ensuring your stay is nothing but exceptional. Whether it’s providing directions or translations, or simply recommending a family-friendly activity, you’ll leave with new memories and new friends that won’t soon be forgotten.

#4 – The local experience makes the trip.

Whether you’re traveling in a large group or as a lone wolf or couple, the resort makes you feel right at home. Their Secretos de la Familia program guides you to some of the best activities and offerings in the area.

For starters, you can learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about tequila from their in-house stock. As one of the only resorts in the world CasaMagna Marriott to feature a proprietary brand of tequila, you can learn how to taste, sip,  and savor like a pro.

If tequila tastings aren’t for you, the resort offers other activities that beg your participation, such as the sea turtle rescue program, guacamole making lessons, the “Dine Around Mexico” food tasting experience, and an all-day cruise on an honest-to-goodness Spanish pirate ship.

#3 – You’ve never had a spa treatment like this back home.


As the largest spa in CasaMagna Marriott Puerto Vallarta, you’ll find unique, original spa treatments that you’ve never seen stateside. Begin (or end) your visit to the Ohtli Spa with a dip in the Roman tub or a trip to the steam room or sauna. From there, you can enjoy a signature treatment like the Jantzu Rebirth Therapy, Thai Massage, or the Fire Opal Balancing Stone Therapy.

Before you leave, you can imbibe the famous “agua de Amor”, or Love Water. This drink stems from the “The Messages of Water” theories of Japanese researcher Dr. Masaru Emoto and is specially prepared in a unique dispenser.

#2 – The cuisine is what your taste buds have been missing.


Mexico is well-known for its culinary flair, and you can sample some of the best without ever leaving the resort. With five on-site eateries to choose from, you can fuel your cravings for steaks, seafood, traditional Mexican fare, ceviche, hibachi, sushi, and other delectables.

If you can’t quell your appetite here, the resort is minutes away from the bustling markets, shops, and restaurants in the city that offer plenty more for curious and hungry travelers.

#1 – You’ll remember the accommodations for years to come.


Oceanfront rooms are plentiful around the globe, but not all of them offer private terraces or bathrooms decked in marble for a room that feels like your very own little palace. And if you happen to stay between November and April, you might just wake to the sight of humpback whales within viewing distance from your balcony!

Special contribution by DLX guest writer, Aniesia Williams.

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