Home to one of the natural world’s foremost wonders, Niagara Falls is a popular destination for travelers from all over the globe. Every year, millions of visitors make the trek to Niagara to get an up-close look at the iconic falls. However, as breathtaking as the falls are, they’re far from the area’s only claim to fame. For example, travelers with an appreciation for world-class cuisine are sure to love the incredible assortment of top-tier restaurants scattered across Niagara Falls. Whether you’re a dedicated foodie or someone who just appreciates a good bite, make a point of checking out the following restaurants the next time you find yourself in Niagara. 

The Flour Mill Restaurant 

Visitors with a taste for farm-to-table cuisine can’t go home without a trip to The Flour Mill Restaurant. This locally famous establishment prides itself on using the freshest possible ingredients and providing diners with delectable alternatives to processed foods. Additionally, The Flour Mill Restaurant never uses microwaves or heat lamps, thereby ensuring that customers get the full farm-to-table experience. In addition to its tasty assortment of breakfast, lunch and dinner offerings, the restaurant serves up mouthwatering brunches every Monday through Thursday. Guests who enjoy a good drink with their meal will want to sample some of The Flour Mill’s unique tapas.  

Queen Charlotte Tea Room 

Travelers who enjoy British cuisine will feel right at home when visiting the Queen Charlotte Tea Room. Taking its namesake from Queen Charlotte (grandmother of Queen Victoria and great-great-grandmother of Queen Elizabeth II), this British-style teahouse provides diners with the full high tea experience. In addition to its luxurious assortment of teas, Queen Charlotte Tea Room offers a tantalizing smorgasbord of soups, salads, sandwiches and authentic British entrées and desserts. Whether you’re familiar with high tea or this is your first time partaking of it, you won’t leave this teahouse disappointed.  

Fallsview Grand Buffet 

Good food and upscale dining aren’t always one and the same. Furthermore, while many four-star restaurants serve up delicious meals, the portions often leave something to be desired. Visitors who value good food and getting enough to eat will want to swing by Fallsview Grand Buffet. Located in the Fallsview Casino Resort, one of the top Niagara Falls hotels, this enormous buffet offers ample breakfast, lunch and dinner options. Featuring nearly 200 items, Fallsview has something to satisfy even the finickiest guest. Whether you’re in the mood for Western, Asian, Italian or Middle Eastern cuisine, Fallsview Grand Buffet has exactly what you need to satisfy your hunger.  

Massimo’s Italian Fallsview Restaurant 

If authentic Italian dining is what you’re after, look no further than Massimo’s Italian Fallsview Restaurant. The brainchild of Lombardy native Massimo Capra, this acclaimed restaurant is renowned for its irresistible array of pasta, meats and seafood. Wine connoisseurs are sure to enjoy Massimo’s impressive wine selection, which features some of the finest products the Niagara Region has to offer. Additionally, diners with an appreciation for picturesque scenery will love the incredible view of Niagara Falls the restaurant offers. Gazing upon the majestic wonder that is Niagara Falls while enjoying top-tier cuisine is the perfect way for any traveler to close out their day. 


Another establishment that emphasizes freshness, Weinkiller is a craft winery and restaurant that anyone who’s tired of processed food will want to visit. With a prix fix menu chock-full of three and five-course meals, no diner is going to leave this place hungry. Featuring a wide array of soups, salads, entrees and desserts prepared from the freshest available ingredients, Weinkiller is a far cry from the standard restaurant experience. Since many of Weinkiller’s fresh, local ingredients are seasonal, the menu changes throughout the year, ensuring that repeat customers always have something new and exciting to sample. In addition, Weinkiller realizes that each diner is different and offers a fully-customizable menu to satisfy guests of all tastes.


It’s no secret that the world-famous falls are what attract scores of visitors to Niagara every year. While there’s no denying that the Niagara Falls are truly a sight to behold, the area’s appeal isn’t limited to the falls. Travelers with an appreciation for fine cuisine should never miss out on a chance to visit Niagara. Home to a plethora of one-of-a-kind restaurants, Niagara Falls is an essential destination for anyone who appreciates a good meal.  


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