She’s a TV producer, host, writer, social media influencer and world traveler. In an interview with Christina Cindrich, we also learn that she considers herself a storyteller and adrenaline junkie.

The two-time Emmy winning host of the popular series Private Islands on A Wealth of Entertainment TV (AWE), is currently in the process of producing her second series, Culinary Escapes. As a TV host, the former actress has traveled everywhere from the Seychelles to the Caribbean, stayed in luxury resorts around the world, and has a bounty of advice and observations for luxury travelers. In an interview with Christina Cindrich, we dive deep into her film career and travel experiences.


Destination Luxury: You began your career as an actress with roles in film and television like Catch Me If You Can, Spider-Man 3, Frasier, CSI and Desperate Housewives. How did your work as a producer, host and writer of Culinary Escapes and Private Islands evolve?

Christina Cindrich: I left Hollywood in 2009 for a position as a news anchor in Boone, North Carolina. It was a huge sacrifice that forced me to dive into producing, hosting and writing my own content. I returned to the West Coast a year later when I got the opportunity of a lifetime at a TV network based in San Diego. Here, I was able to apply some of my self-taught skills and started creating content for TV shows. I wouldn’t have gotten this far had I not paid my dues and put the time, dedication, and perseverance in.

Destination Luxury: Is acting still on your radar or do you prefer producing and hosting?

Christina Cindrich: I’m always open to new opportunities when they arise. I’m a performer. I love to entertain and share my stories. As far as producing, that’s my forte and where I see longevity in my career. I’m a Virgo and OCD so that combination pretty much speaks for itself! I’m very detail-oriented so that helps me succeed as a producer.


Destination Luxury: You’ve been to so many incredible cities and countries. Do you have one or two favorite destinations?

Christina Cindrich: Such a hard question to answer. I love every place I visit for many different reasons. Fiji will always have a special place in my heart. The people are SO friendly and the culture is so colorful and vibrant. Love the Philippines. There are more than 7000 islands – there’s so much to experience! The unspoiled natural beauty of El Nido is truly breathtaking. Italy is another country I can’t visit enough. From Venice to Tuscany to Rome…there’s magic, history, and art around every turn.


Destination Luxury: A segment of Private Islands always involved interactions with land and/or sea animals. Is animal care and conservation a passion of yours?

Christina Cindrich: Absolutely! I’ve learned so much about animal conservation through my travels. A lot of tourism involves animal interactions but many travelers aren’t fully aware of the treatment of the animals. I was at fault like many who just want to have the experience with a wild animal, not knowing about how they’re really treated. It wasn’t until I started really educating myself about these locations and animals in captivity that I was able to use my platform to educate my viewers on wildlife. I’ve done a lot of research and have made sure I’ve only promoted verified sanctuaries on my shows.

Destination Luxury: Can you tell us a little about your personal life? Where do you live when you’re not traveling? 

Christina Cindrich: I live in Southern California. When I’m not traveling, I enjoy working out daily for not only physical but mental release and I like to lay low and enjoy the down time as much as I can. I’m a homebody, love the beach, and am all about Cali’s flip-flop lifestyle.  

For the 6 years I lived away from Los Angeles (from 2009-2015) my personal life was non-existent. I worked nonstop, had quite a demanding schedule, and was extremely focused. I feel like that’s been the story of my life. Since I was a little girl, I’ve always followed my passions and in doing so, my social life was never a priority. Now that I’m in my mid-30’s though, my focus has changed and I’d definitely like to have a family of my own. When that time comes, I’ll find a happy medium between work and my relationship.


Destination Luxury:  Any insider tips for luxury travel?

Christina Cindrich:  Try someplace completely new and immersively luxurious like Laucala Island in Fiji. If money is no object, you won’t find a finer destination. I would continually go back if I could. It’s as close to a 7-star property as you can get. The island is barefoot luxury at its finest with the most exceptional service I’ve ever experienced with a guest-to-staff ratio of approximately 7:1!! Privacy is core to the Laucala experience and you actually have to submit a reservation by application.  

With food, I’ve learned from my travels that sometimes the finest cuisine is not always found at the most high-end restaurants. I always recommend trying some street food to give you a taste of local flavor and culture. You’ll not only contribute to the economy, but you also get to interact with the locals and you usually will eat the freshest and most authentic ingredients that are made right in front of you.

I never leave home without the antibiotic Ciprofloxacin. It’s my “go-to” in my travel health arsenal. It could save you a trip to the doctor in somewhere exotic like Thailand or Africa in case of an emergency!

In an interview with Christina Cindrich, we learn about Culinary Escapes: A 13-episode TV series featuring the most luxurious accommodations and most delicious culinary destinations around the world

Culinary Escapes is a 13-episode TV series featuring the most luxurious accommodations and most delicious culinary destinations around the world

Destination Luxury: Tell us about your new show Culinary Escapes.

Cindrich: Culinary Escapes is a 13-episode TV series featuring the most luxurious accommodations and most delicious culinary destinations around the world. It’s hosted by myself and my producing partner Kerri Zane, who’s also an Emmy winner and travel expert. It’s the best blend of girlfriend getaway, food and fun. Neither of us consider ourselves “foodies” but I think we bring an authentic and realistic approach to a culinary show. It definitely has a comedic twist to it! Watch our sizzle reel to get a taste of what’s to come.  


Destination Luury: Where will the show air? Can we watch it now?

Cindrich: Culinary Escapes will have national and international distribution. We’re still working out all of the network details so until then I have to keep my lips sealed! It will air sometime next year and I will certainly let everyone know when and where it does.


Destination Luxury: What’s next for you?

Cindrich: I am currently still in production and will be throughout 2018 on Culinary Escapes. As of now, that’s my main focus. I’m also presently developing a beauty line with a company based out of New York. It’s been really fun sampling the products and figuring out the right formulas. I’ve incorporated some of my private island travels into the scents! Once the line is ready, it will be distributed on TV.


Destination Luxury: Why do you love to travel, what makes it such a thrill for you?

Cindrich: I have a huge sense of wonder and the feeling I get when I arrive in a new city or country is such an adrenaline rush and so good for the soul. Experiencing different people, cultures, food, and music is exciting and magical. Traveling gets me lost in the moment and stretches my understanding of the world and of myself.


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Written by DLX Contributor Andrea Thompson.

All images courtesy of Christina Cindrich.

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