‘UPCOMING TRENDS TO WEAR FOR WINTER’ Written by DLX contributor Ashley Roberts, a D.C. based stylist and wardrobe curator.


Winter is coming…. Can you believe it? It feels like just yesterday we were watching the ball drop and onto 2017 we went! Because it snuck up on us too, the fashion team here at DLX wants to make sure you are prepared for winter in the hottest upcoming trends.

Winter White new upcoming trends in 2017

upcoming trends

Image courtesy of Theory website.

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First thing’s first: you can absolutely wear winter after Labor Day! 

Some tips when wearing white in the fall and winter:

– Don’t be afraid to go white on white! 

– It is still winter so be sensible. Throw on a white sweater dress with your black leather jacket and sock booties, so you’re still warm but completely on upcoming trends.


upcoming trends

Image courtesy of Alexander Wang website.

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Winter is going to be chalk full of oversized men’s blazers with scrunched sleeves and high waisted pants complete with pleats and cuffs. The mixing patterns faux pas is NO more — the more plaid, houndstooth, and pinstripe you have on your menswear pieces the better!

When mixing patterns, keep in mind the major/minor rule: one pattern should be much bigger than another so it balances.

Pro Tip: Invest in a great houndstooth or pinstripe jacket with a little more weight to it. You can use it as your actual coat instead of your typical camel coat or trench.


upcoming trends

Image courtesy of Veronica Beard website.

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Typically reserved for more subtle things – like your evening wear clutch – velvet is taking a huge stand in winter fashion this year. Perfect for your work day, holiday party, or girl’s night out you can take it from day to night with the right pieces.

Try starting simple with a velvet cami or heel to add it in easily. Then, once you’re comfortable, grab that velvet blazer and rock it with your favorite jeans and tee!

Statement Fur Coats

upcoming trends

Image courtesy of Nordstrom.

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Fur coats are another item that has been around for a while, but this year, we’re switching it up. Pick a coat with a bright color, or an interesting mixture of furs – the key is to not wear your grandmother’s black fur coat anymore.

Go loud. Go fun. Go crazy.

Bright Accessories

upcoming trends

Image courtesy of Chloe website.

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It’s pretty obvious to anyone, fashionista or not, that the fall and winter seasons bring darker colors and patterns. This cold season, add a little brightness to people’s day and throw on a colored handkerchief scarf or carry an eccentric bag. By bringing in those brighter colors, you can rock your winter wardrobe without feeling like a dark blob.

Metallic Booties

upcoming trends

Image courtesy of Isabel Marant website.

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Booties are an obvious staple, but your black and brown ones can get pretty boring after wearing them every day for months; not to mention they can get worn down quickly, too. Switch it up with a metallic pair! It will add some spark to your tee, jeans, and leather jacket look, but will also go perfectly with your sweater dress and fur coat!

Stylist tip: start with your first color based on the jewelry you wear (i.e. silver with silver) so you have a seamless look in all your accessories.

Sock Booties

upcoming trends

Image courtesy of Stuart Weitzman website.

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Last, but certainly not least, sock booties (or as we fondly calm them: sockties). If you think about it, this trend is kind of ingenious. How often have you tried on a bootie and there’s a strange amount of space between your ankle and the boot? Sock booties completely eradicate that problem! Plus, they’re easier to pair with more because you’re not defined by where it hits on you, meaning you can pull them down a little if needed for jeans.

Stylist tip: start with a good quality pair that has a low heel and is a simple color to pair with your wardrobe, like the pair linked above.

Featured image courtesy of Magda Butrym on Man Repeller.
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