Gratitude, empathy, accountability, and the art of communication are not mere words for Dave Meltzer, but a lifestyle of CEO of Sports 1 Marketing. These are traits that resonate very deeply in his soul.

Partnered with Warren Moon and Leigh Steinberg, Dave is on a mission to share his knowledge of being a successful entrepreneur, speaker, and author.

We recently caught up with Dave to talk about his AMP UP Networking Event, learn about his company, Sports 1 Marketing, and hear a little more about his outreach.


Destination Luxury: Tell us an about your area of expertise.

Dave Meltzer: I run a company whose main motto is “Make a lot of money, help a lot of people, have a lot of fun.” I motivate others on how to create abundance. You can’t give what you don’t have. It’s trusting the universe to bring you more. It isn’t the money itself, it’s what you do with the money. It’s making people ask “How can I be of value?” and wanting to empower others and pay it forward.


DLX: What is the best way for a company to gain traction for a new idea and be part of the business evolution?

Meltzer: The very first step is to develop the critical focus of staying in business. Longevity. Create a need. Develop a mindset not just for today, but years ahead. Never ignore why you started in the first place.


DLX: With a startup, what is the best way to get senior level assistance, considering they are probably limited to funds and resources?

Meltzer: Create an advisory board of those who have the skills you are seeking. Have mentors, ask. Never be afraid to have radical humility and glean from their knowledge. Use that board and choose the person that has the best skills for what you need.  


DLX: What are the best ways for a new business to raise capital and stand out from the rest, barring crowdfunding?

Meltzer: Show that you have an impact on your product, your people, or both. Give them your “why.” Guarantee that you’ll be in business tomorrow.


DLX: What is your opinion on how seed investors require a prototype, income, and business plan, when the definition of seed capital is investment before that stage?

Meltzer: What seed investors are mainly looking for are an executive summary and a solid business plan. An actual prototype isn’t necessary. Investors are interested in companies that show the potential for development and is a product that can and will sell. 


DLX: Your most recent lecture revolved around motivation and monetization. What will be the concept of your lecture on October 26th at the Rose Bowl? Can you offer some insight as to what we might learn?

Meltzer: The topic will be “How To Build A Legacy.” Learning the fundamentals of stimulating, sharing, and building that legacy. For registration information, please follow the link here


DLX: What is your motto for life as well as for business? How do you prepare for a lecture or seminar? Do you meditate, or have a mantra before you take the stage?

Meltzer: My motto for life is “Do something now,” “Be kind to your future self,” “Remember, it is better to be kind than to be right.”

I do meditate. I practice, as I believe practice makes perfect. I ask myself if I can get to the level of calmness where I feel comfortable clapping my hands on stage.


DLX: After this event, where are you headed to next?

Meltzer: I’ll be heading to the Caribbean, New York, Africa. I’m working on my podcast #ThePlaybook.  

I have also started a streaming series that will air on Wednesdays entitled “Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch,” available on



For more information on Sports 1 Marketing programs and partners, visit their website here.

Image courtesy of Sports1Marketing.

Written by DLX contributor Elaine Hamilton.

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