Lynette Melnyk brings a diverse skillset to CO2LDN with her background in design, marketing, and corporate communications. She is an international contemporary artist with a distinct style combining abstract aesthetic art with an edge. Together with Coco, she connects her creative art and fashion that characterize CO2LDN. 


DLX: Tell us about your brand.

Lynette Melnyk: The Coco Brand originated with Coco and has transformed into a business. From that, CO2 the street style brand was born. CO2 centers around the authentic personality of Coco and Coco’s lifestyle is the inspiration. Her popularity has grown and now the followers have shown allegiance to Coco as a brand. CO2 is based on street smarts and statements she makes on her Instagram that she has become famous for. 


DLX: Who or what inspired you to launch it?

Melnyk: Coco started CO2 because she believes in ‘intelligent style’. Both her fashion brand and the dialogue with her followers identified a gap in the expression of outspoken, ‘no apology’ fashion statements that are relevant ‘of the now’!


DLX: What are you creating and what’s in store for the future?

Melnyk: We are creating a lifestyle brand that is an alternative to what is out there. We want to deliver a good, clean, intelligent message that speaks to Insta-style seekers with disposable income. Our plan for this year is to develop apparel that will create a full look and meet the demands of our style-savvy market. 


DLX: How is this going to translate across your personal social media?

Melnyk: We are leveraging on Coco’s Instagram community of over 140k followers, of which over 50% are affluent, moving and perceptive to her brand ideals. “Blame It On Coco” has traveled across social media. The shirts have traveled internationally in just two short weeks after the launch. It’s a real thrill to see them appear in Mexico, New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Milan, and Geneva, with people posting their own photos “showing their Coco”. 


DLX: You’re focusing more on street style wear and launching with a t-shirt. What other styles of clothing will you develop?

Melnyk: We plan to have a quarterly drop of a new and fresh item to ultimately complete the circle with a complete look within the next 12 months.


DLX: Are there any fashion icons that have inspired the CO2LDN brand?

Melnyk: Our main inspiration comes from observing the lifestyles of the people around London, within Coco’s Sloane Square circle. The young, preppy, affluent moving, style seekers who identify intelligent street fashion. It’s not what you can pick up in a matter of moments, instead, it’s something you need to be born with. 


DLX: What else can we expect from CO2LDN?

Melnyk: CO2LDN as a brand is centered around a personality that is growing that’s moving on its own. We look forward to you joining us. 


To learn more, visit CO2LDN

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