Lexus invited us on a mission to get toys and athletic equipment for the Boys and Girls Club. We were sent in the latest Lexus SUVs which had incredible trunk space so that we could fit all of our precious items. Lexus has always given back to the community and has a firm belief in philanthropy.


The Dealers Matching Funds program started in 2007. The Lexus Pursuit of Potential provides funds to local charities to support children. Lexus matches up to $10,000 a year and partners with local dealers.


Since 1989, Lexus Champions of Charity golf tournaments have generated over $390 million for charities at approximately 5000 events.


For two years, Lexus has donated $100,000 to support charities in Dallas County. Founded in 1952, the Charity Ball has helped over 140 beneficiaries serving children.


In its 11th year, more than 33,000 students have participated in this program that inspires middle and high school students to create environmental projects that benefit the community. Over $5 million in grants have been awarded.


The Lexus RX L has a smaller turning radius than the Acura MDX, Audi Q7 Infiniti XC60 and Tesla Model X and can turn on a dime, even though its longer. It’s the single best-selling luxury vehicle in the US, out-selling all of its competitors. The Mark Levinson audio system delivers 835 watts of power through 15 speakers. Pop in your favorite CD and listen to some of the best treble and bass beats you’ve ever heard.

The RX L has an optional panoramic monitor to give you a bird’s eye view, perfect for squeezing into those tight spaces. Ample storage space and a third row option gives you extra room for passengers.

The 2018 Lexus RX 350 L comes equipped with a 290-Horsepower V6 engine. It is available with front-wheel or Dynamic Torque Control All Wheel Drive. Under normal cruising conditions, the system engages front-wheel drive to help reduce fuel consumption.


With a started MSRP of $84,980, there are many options when choosing exterior and interior colors.  We are very familiar with the comfort and luxury that the Lexus LX570 has to offer. A few years ago, we took it on a trip to Big Bear and drove through the snow capped mountains with an all wheel drive.

The LX 570 gives the driver the luxury of prioritizing comfort or agility simply by turning the Drive Mode Select dial on the center console. The system settings affect powertrain and suspension responses, including the Adaptive Suspension, which continually adjusts shock absorber damping rates while driving ensuring optimal comfort as the road surface changes. 


The Lexus NX 300h has a G-Force meter so that you can take the car to the extreme. As the sporty member of the LUV family, its the ideal car for taking on the road through curvy canyon roads. Try the Power Rear Door with Kick Sensor. Wave your foot beneath the sensor and the rear door raises for easy access to its 54.6 cubic feet of cargo room. 

The DVR radio can pause the radio for up to 15 minutes so you never miss a song. Skip to ads too! With 31 MPG combines, this hybrid has an impressive gas mileage. 

To stand out on the road, the Lexus NX features dynamic styling updates to the exterior and interiors. Caviar is added as an exterior color as well as Glazed Caramel and Rioja Red for interior colors. For an even sportier feel, the front grille has been updated to keep the car sleek and chic.

For more information, visit Lexus.


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