Travelling and seeing the world is something that many of us dream of. There are so many different cultures, cuisines and creatures, as well as heaps of history that must be seen and explored to truly believe and appreciate it. Unfortunately, the main thing that stops many of us travelling is the cost. Even though many people can still afford to see different countries and continuously find themselves abroad, today’s world is expensive. You may be wondering how these people manage to live their lives this way, so here are 7 tips to help you afford travelling that real travellers follow. 

Work Hard, Save Hard 

Working hard and saving your money is key to being able to afford to travel. You may need to work extra hours and sacrifice nights out with friends, but the experiences you will get in return will make it worthwhile. Taking on side jobs or freelance work can help you bring in extra money for savings. Before you make any purchases, you need to think hard about whether you actually need it or not. Eventually, you will see your savings account grow, which will encourage you to save even more. 

Consider Short Term Loans

Sometimes, no matter how hard you work, saving money can be difficult. You may face issues or events that require you to break into your savings and it just feels like a losing battle. If this is the case, then you should consider taking out a short-term loan with New Horizons. Even if you have bad credit, you can consider these short-term options to help cover the costs and make your dream come true. Applying is easy and payment is fast, but you need to make sure you can afford to pay the loan back. 

Try to Work Overseas 

Saving up money is great and will allow you to travel without having to worry about paying for your next hostel or meal. However, in order to keep your funds high and continue to see the world, you should take a look into working overseas. This could be in a temporary position, or as part of your career. Teaching English abroad can be a fantastic opportunity where you can meet and make loads of friends, get familiar with a variety of different cultures and get paid well while doing so. 

Travel on a Budget 

When you start travelling with a big lump of money, you may feel tempted to splash your cash on fancy hotel rooms, meals and nights out. In order to afford travelling for a long period of time, you need to travel on a budget and stick to it. This does not mean that you have to miss out on trying new things, going on adventures and exploring new sites; it just means you need to find alternatives to help you save some cash, e.g. choosing less convenient options, or searching for offers/deals.

Live a Simple Life 

How to be happy while living a simple life is something that you will learn during your travels. Once you get into the swing of things, you will start to think deeply about each purchase and you will rarely buy yourself new clothes or unnecessary things, unless you really need it. If you live simply while you travel, then it could actually be cheaper than living in your own home. Taking away bills and other payments that come with living in your own place will make you realise how far money can stretch.

Keep Track of Everything

Creating a budget and living a simple life is easy to set and keep in mind; however, sticking to it isn’t always easy. If you have found some great deals or keep spending a little bit here and there, then it can be easy to lose track of your budget and make the mistake of spending too much money. The best way to avoid this is to keep track of everything. This may feel tedious and boring at times, but recording every payment and purchase will make it easy to categorise any expenses and keep track of your goals.

Take Out Travel Insurance

Taking out travel insurance is absolutely essential before you visit any country. You must keep yourself covered because it is likely that you will miss flights, experience a medical problem, or have valuables stolen. If you don’t have travel insurance, then these could be extremely damaging costs to your budget and could potentially leave you in debt for years. Travel insurance is not as expensive as people think and you should not let the thought of taking it out overwhelm you. Take a look at this article for advice. 

In most cases, in order to travel, you will need to sacrifice luxuries. Whatever they may be, giving up these privileges temporarily, saving money and making unforgettable memories will be worth it!  

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