Perhaps you know someone who was born to be in the spotlight. From elementary school performances to being in the church choir, wherever there was a stage that person could be found. Maybe that person is you. You don’t have to be an extrovert to enjoy the spotlight. You simply find satisfaction in keeping the masses entertained, so why do it for free when you could do it for a living? Singing, acting, dancing and making people smile are all talents that can lead you to some unique career choices. Here are five fun career choices for people who were born to be performers. 

  1. Cruise Ship Entertainer

Being an entertainer can also lead to being an explorer. Imagine arriving at different ports of entry every day and discovering unique cultures and diverse customs. A cruise ship entertainer does just that. Cruise ship entertainers can sing and play instruments. They can dance or simply make people laugh. There are many different perks to this job including eating exotic foods and having really cool wardrobes. Life aboard a cruise ship is anything but mundane. A short trip aboard a Bahamas cruise from Miami is a great place to start to find out if this life of adventure is the pace for you. 

  1. Theme Park Character

Theme parks come in many shapes and sizes. Some are geared toward children, but most try to entertain people of all ages. When you think of a theme park, perhaps Mickey Mouse and his princess friends are the first characters to come to mind. However, theme park characters can also be of your own invention. Imagine creating your own identity as a swash buckling pirate or a cowboy in a Wild West shootout. Nothing is more enjoyable than creating a persona that people will remember when they recall their vacations many years later. 

  1. Music Theater

Do you enjoy the sound of music? Do you sing in the shower and when you’re in the car driving to work? If you have a voice that is acoustically pleasing, then you’re a perfect fit for the stage of your local performing arts center. Theaters are always looking for new talent, and if you’re really good, it could lead to a career on Broadway. However, if the Big Apple puts you outside your comfort zone, there’s nothing wrong with settling in with a smaller city and finding satisfaction there. Many actors play the same seasonal characters year after year. Imagine performing as Scrooge every Christmas season, or as one of the townspeople in Fiddler on the Roof. 

  1. Acting in Commercials

It’s hard to make it in the movies, but anyone can break into commercials, and you don’t have to be gorgeous! With an average annual salary of $60,000, acting in commercials actually pays surprisingly well. Just look at Flo from Progressive or the Pine-Sol Lady. Both have net worths in the millions. Best of all, commercials are created all over the country, so there is no requirement to live in expensive cities like New York or Los Angeles to break into this career. Simply start showing up at casting calls. 

  1. Tour Guide

A penchant for acting and singing aren’t required in order to entertain people. Tour guides grab people’s attention, too; but they entertain by informing. Zoos, museums and national parks are all great places to educate people. You also become an expert in your field. If you prefer to impress people with your knowledge, a gig as a tour guide may be the field for you. 

There are many engaging and fulfilling careers for people who like to perform, and you don’t necessarily have to have a specific talent. You just have to have the courage to put yourself out there. If having eyes on you is your passion, then what are you doing in that desk job? Get out there and start doing what you love for a living! 


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