In a recent survey, 52% of people said that cooking at home helps them to eat healthier. 50% of people also said that they find the cooking process a relaxing way to spend their time, and 50% of people said that they love to try out new dishes and recipes. The new luxury trends in cooking are all about inspiring new tastes and menus, and bringing the American home chef delicious ingredients from all over the world.

Restaurant-quality subscription boxes

34% of people that cook at home actively try and search out new recipes and inspiration. A restaurant-quality subscription box can help you discover new and interesting meals that you would happily pay for if you were eating out. Boxes like Blue Apron are created by restaurant chefs and delivered to your door in an insulated box – you don’t have to shop for any extra ingredients. UrthBox is another great option and it caters for your dietary requirements, delivering organic, non-GMO and vegan selections too. You can get a subscription box delivered which includes ingredients for a wide variety of world cuisines that will inspire you to try something new.

The best olive oil

Anyone that has drunk wine will know that not all wines are equal, even though they are essentially made from the same ingredient – grapes. The same can be said for olive oil. The quality of the olives and the pressing process makes all the difference to how the oil tastes. There is a big trend this year for regional olive oils made from olives that have been harvested at the perfect time. These are not the olive oils that you use to cook in, but a delicious ingredient in their own right that you will want to showcase in your home cooking.

Fine frozen food

Frozen foods are often associated with cheap kids meals, such as fishsticks and fries. But there is a sweeping trend for luxury foods that you can cook straight from frozen. Look out for delicious French pastries, such as pain au chocolat and butter croissants filled with soaked raisins. These can be cooked in your oven for a weekend breakfast treat. You can also find some delicious little dumplings in the freezer aisle, such as pierogies or gyoza. These can be cooked to perfection in the pan and then served simply with a dipping sauce.

The new trends in luxury cooking are all about discovering new tastes and flavors. You can enjoy new recipes in your own home that are restaurant-quality.

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