Souvenirs are often a great way to bring back home our adventures from abroad and to share some of our experiences with friends and family. Whether it’s a t-shirt, a coffee mug, a bracelet, or even a food item, anything that is unique to your travel destination can be a souvenir. Greece is one of the tourism capitals of the world whether it is the beautiful beaches and resorts of Santorini or the breathtaking monuments of Athens. If you are visiting Greece and you are not sure about what to bring back home with you, try out these 5 tasty healthy food souvenirs.

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This one is for your nut lovers back home. The saltiness and crunchiness are what many people love the most about pistachios. They are versatile as well. They are perfect in salads or enjoyed as just a snack. Focus on healthy eating. If you are visiting Athens while in Greece, don’t forget to grab a few packs of pistachios from the small Greek island, Aegina.


Greek honey is regarded as one of the best in the world, so bringing a few jars back home to family and friends is something they will appreciate. One of the reasons why Greek honey is revered is due to the abundance of flowering plants thriving in the hot Greek sun. And the bees love that. Try the fragrant and light eucalyptus honey, or the sharper fir honey. 

 Greek Oregano 

If you know a few BBQ lovers back home, then this makes the perfect Greek food souvenir. When paired with some lemon juice and the smoke from the wood fire, the Greek oregano works wonders on any BBQ. Whether its tomato sauce or some lamb chunks or even salads, the spice is a great way to start a conversation about your Greek travel adventures. It is also known to be effective in treating stomach aches.

 Olive oil

Literally, anything that is derived from the olive tree is of value and can be processed into a variety of things. But one product that is popular throughout the world, especially among people who love to cook in olive oil. The Greek extra virgin olive has an exceptional taste and is a perfect choice for cooking different types of meals or used as a flavour in salads. You can spread it over bread just like butter. A bottle of premium olive oil can be found in most stores in Greece, and it makes the perfect food souvenir due to its versatility.


This may not be considered food by many, but it is worth giving a shot. The Greek national drink, ouzo, is a special alcoholic drink that dates back to 1856 when the first ouzo distillery was opened in Tyrnavou. Ouzo has a unique taste with no in-betweens. You either love it or hate it, but it is worth a try. The alcoholic drink is also used as a medicine to cure flu, toothache, and menstrual pains. This is a fantastic food souvenir because it provides the opportunity to bring back Home some Greek culture.

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