Many people wonder when the perfect time to travel the world is and we think we have the answer! Of course, it can be easy to see why young adults set off on big trips but what’s great about travelling in your 70s is that you have a little more time and disposable cash.  Of course, when you are travelling, it is important to make sure that you are prepared for anything that might happen and that you choose suitable methods of travel to make sure that you have as comfortable as an experience as possible. Here, we are going to give you some travel advice for over 70s. Keep reading if you’d like to find out more.

Do Some Research

Before anyone books any sort of trip, it is always a good idea to do some research on the destination. This means you need to find out if it is a place that you would feel comfortable travelling to. If you find that you do have some mobility issues, then you might want to find a hotel with adequate accessibility features. As long as you do your research, you should be able to have a very relaxing trip!

Pace Yourself

Going travelling is all about getting out and exploring but some people may find that they aren’t as mobile and thus, suited to the more adventurous parts that may be on offer. Of course, if you are an active individual then there may no issues or limits at all. Even so, everyone should leave some room to pace themselves so that they really are able to hit each day a-fresh and sample as many of the activities that may be on offer. Allow yourself time to relax when you are travelling, so you don’t wear yourself out too early on.

Get Some Travel Insurance

Anyone who is heading off on a holiday needs to get some travel insurance to ensure that they are covered for anything that might happen. If you are unsure how to get travel insurance when you are 70 or over then don’t worry because there are plenty of companies that are able to offer you the right advice. Make sure to be upfront with your insurer about any health issues you may have to ensure that you are prepared and covered in case of an emergency.

Talk To Your GP

A great travel tip if you are travelling soon is to talk to your GP beforehand. They will consider your current health status, and give you some advice, should you need it. It is important that you get the go ahead from your GP to ensure that you are safe to travel, especially so, if this trip will be to the more adventurous parts of the world.

Stay Active

While you are abroad explore as much of the local area as possible. There will be places and sights that you may uncover that you could have easily missed this time round. If you are taking an especially long flight, you should try to stay active on the plane to keep your blood flowing. For instance, this could be done by taking a walk down the aisle every now and again.

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