Live Your Dream of Gorilla Safari in Uganda

Walk towards the wild side of Africa and visit Uganda for once-in-a-lifetime to encounter with the rarest and huge animals on Earth. About half of the mountain gorillas in this world are found here in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, the dense and huge rainforest, a World Heritage site with splendid biodiversity, lies in southwest of the Uganda.

Dotted by lakes and forests and conquered by the mountain range of dramatic Virunga, where mountain gorilla breath and play along the overgrown green forest floor.

Does it worth the expenses, effort and time to visit Uganda to encounter these rarest creatures of this world? Let’s see…

Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

Nearly Eight Hundred and Forty mountain gorillas residing in the wild, are left in this world. These mountain gorillas wander in safe and protected parks, only in 3 countries of this world, Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. To visit these countries, one must have a permit to be arranged in advance. Ugandan permits are quite less expensive than other ones.

Also, one thing must be keep in mind, there are no absolute assurance of seeing these gorillas, so that might be a lot of money to put on risk for this trekking experience.

When we talk about gorilla trekking, one thing comes in mind, that why its Gorilla Trekking but not Gorilla Walking. Well, there is a reason behind this. You can imagine a cool walk towards the forest of Ugandan and then you see a perfect clearing, so you can sit and watch the gorillas chilling for you hours and hours. Well, these ideas only work in the cartoon version of Tarzan.

The Sufferings of the Journey

Gorillas are wandering animals and they frequently move in the parks. The guides predict the actual locations of these gorillas from where they were the day before and also depends on the guides’ brilliant tracking skills, as they cannot put GPS trackers on these animals.

While Uganda Safaris, it is quite possible that you trek about 15 minutes towards the jungle and see them, but there is an equal possibility that you suffer more than 6 hours of intense hiking with nearly half an hour of crashing in thick jungle brush with a machete but still never find them.

The jungle is not for those faints of heart. Before planning the Uganda safaris, one thing must to keep in mind is, that this is the mountain jungle here in Uganda. You have to hike up and down through slopes of mountain to watch them, and even the fittest person can start puffing and huffing in just 20 Minutes. So, if you want to see the gorillas and get back, your physical abilities will be up to the challenge.

But once you reach the destination after hiking the views from the top of mountains will take your breath away, only if your breath left. Well, jokes apart, the first moment you hear these gorillas grunting through the greenery, makes all the pain after the arduous hiking, worth it.

Does Uganda Safaris Really Worth Watching Experience?

One cannot predict that all the hikes and the hours spent with these gorillas are worth seeing or not. However, the vast amount of your money spent on the permit for Safaris, goes straight towards keeping these gorillas and the habitats too, to be protected and in ensuring that they stay flourish for our future generations.

Seeing them happy and healthy, make you feel that your money well-spent on this experience.

So, enriched yourself with unforgettable memories and a lifetime experience of Uganda Safaris with

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