An Unforgettable Luxurious Train Journey from London to Venice


When it comes to traveling first class, there’s no better way to go than the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express. Travel back into a time where luxury travel included dinner jackets, and cocktail dresses, and extravagant dining cars and even ultra-swanky bar cars! Travel from London to Venice in the ultimate first-class experience!

Traveling on one of the most classic routes to Venice, the scenery, opulence of the cabins, and absolutely spectacular service will make traveling by private jet look commonplace. Each and every detail from your cabin, to your meals, to your hotels drips with glamour!

Pass though the Alps and into Venice to spend your time wrapped in the lavish accommodations of your luxury hotel. There is really only one way to get from London to Venice in the most sumptuous and luxurious way. Take the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express to immerse yourself in the purest form of luxury travel!

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The Train Cabin

When you expect to travel first-class, you should receive first-class treatment all the way from start to finish. On this fabulous train ride you will not only get the most extraordinarily beautiful cars and cabins, but you will experience only the best service.

Upgrade your cabin to the newly renovated Grand Suite! Starting in 2018, these ornate and immaculately designed cabins are indulgence at its finest. The comfort experienced with your own private en suite facilities, full bed, and guest area will change how you think about extravagance! You will also have private transfers on and off the train by your own personal cabin steward.

The champagne is never-ending, your amenities are personalized, you will have a standing reservation in the dining car, and the list goes on and on! Bask in the lavishness the intricately decorated cabin and the all-inclusive opulence of your private car. You may never go back to traveling any other way!

The Train Amenities

It wouldn’t be a high-end vacation without the most amazing amenities. The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express has a bar car that will exceed all of your expectations! A baby grand piano, incredible cocktails, and an atmosphere that will take you out of yourself, and into an Agatha Christie novel!

By Epistola8 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

The dining car not only provides an exquisite atmosphere, but also serves unforgettable cuisine! The menus are crafted by head chef Christian Bodiguel! His 25 years of experience shines through every immaculate bite! Luxury dining is all but expected on such a grand train!

The Journey

The seductively pleasurable trip from London to Venice will take your breath away for five full days. Your first-class accommodations, extraordinary dining, and a completely organized itinerary are all included in your luxury travel experience!

  • Day One.

Begin your spectacular journey by departing from the London Victoria station – where you also have luggage storage options, should you need it. . You will enjoy a mouth-watering lunch as you enjoy the background scenery of the countryside of Kent.

You will pass into France in the evening, where you will board the Continental Wagon-Lits carriage. Here you will be served one of the most incredibly delicious dinners! Enjoy the views as you head south towards Paris while you relish every sumptuous bite!

After dinner you are invited to revel in the marvelous sounds of the baby grand piano being played live in the bar car. Enjoy a night of delightful serenades before heading back to your plush cabin!

  • Day Two.

As the sunlight gracefully spreads across your luxury cabin, you’ll find you have awoken to the magnificent scenes of eastern Switzerland. Have your lovely breakfast in the restaurant car as you travel through Innsbruck!

The Orient-Express will wind and turn and twist its way through Brenner Pass, where you will experience some over the top views as the train descends into Italy.

Pass the afternoon tea time taking in the views of Verona, while you have the benefit of the train’s unprecedented service!

Once you arrive in the extraordinary city of Venice, you will make your way to your upgraded suite at one of Venice’s many luxury hotels!

  • Day Three.

On the third day of the first of many Tailor Made Train Holidays, you will wake up in the stunningly beautiful city of Venice. You can take in the marvelous St. Mark’s Square and the enormity of the Grand Canal. Enjoy a dramatic gondola ride through the canal ways of this historically vibrant city!

You can include a trip extension in Venice to lengthen your time in this astonishing city! From art galleries, to luxury boutiques, to outstanding fine dining, Venice is an intoxicatingly amazing destination!
  • Day Four.

Your lavish holiday in Venice will be entirely suited to your every need. You can choose between the morning or afternoon departure time to once again marvel at the wonderfully rich first class cabins.

You’ll take the train from Venice through to Milan where you will change onto a EuroCity Train. This will take you north through Stresa, through the Simplon Tunnel, and onto the unparalleled shores of Lake Geneva.

You will stop for the night in Lausanne, where you will enjoy a lakefront view at world renowned, first-class hotel!

  • Day Five.

Day five will be your final travel day back to London. You will depart from the lakeside city of Lausanne around mid-day. Enjoy the scenery as you day dream about your luxury ride on the Orient-Express! Once you arrive at the Gare de Lyon in Paris, you will take the Eurostar back to London St. Pancras via the Gare du Nord.

Your journey in the lap of luxury is complete once you call your luxury car to take you from St. Pancras to your home!

Upgrade Your Upgrades

These Tailor Made Train Holidays are exactly that, tailor made! You can upgrade your accommodations easily from simple first class to opulent and over the top, all-inclusive, luxury!

Choose from the five-star Bauer Il Palazzo. Right off of St. Mark’s Square, this unforgettable hotel is a staple of Venice! Opt for a room with a canal view balcony to make your nights in Venice magical!

You can also choose the five-star Luna Baglioni Hotel. This is one of the finest hotels in the entire world. Located in the Venetian Palace, the hotel offers only the best of everything! From the award-winning Canova restaurant, to the brilliant classic Venetian décor, this hotel is the picture of luxury!

Upgrade your options for Lausanne also! The five-star Beau-Rivage Palace is located on ten acres of gorgeous parkland. Nothing but the best options for your luxury holiday! This hotel has some of Europe’s most acclaimed service and amenities, as well as awe-inspiring views of Lake Geneva and the French Alps!

Extension of Your Holiday

You can also consider upgrading your return route to another holiday on the Orient-Express. The spectacular train will take you from Venice, through Budapest for a night in the Hungarian capital, then board the train again for your extravagant overnight train ride back to London!

Your holiday should be nothing short of luxury from the moment you board until the moment you are taken home to London! Why not extend your trip by few days so you can spend even more time aboard this magnificent train!

Orient-Express Holiday

The price of luxury is worth traveling through the most beautiful scenic train routes in Europe, aboard one of the most opulent and extraordinary trains in the world! From the lavish details of your luxury cabin, to the world-renowned dining experience, and the most exquisite service, your Venice Simplon-Orient-Express holiday will be one of the most magnificent experiences of your life.

Travel on only the most prestigious railway trains! Stay in some of Europe’s most celebrated hotels. Revel in some of the world’s most beautiful cities. All in one gloriously luxurious holiday!

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