When you plan a fishing trip, your main concern might be the abundance of fish in the area you want to visit. However, a vacation is more than about fishing, and the chances are that the idea of going to the same fishing village where there’s nothing to do is not very appealing. If you want to indulge in what luxury travel can offer, besides excellent fishing opportunities, here are some ideas to get you started.

The Bahamas

What could spell luxury travel at its best better than The Bahamas? The great news is that there’s plenty of fish to go around, so, if you’re an angler searching for the best spot where the love for fishing goes hand in hand with top-notch accommodations and entertainment, you can hardly find anything more awe-inspiring than this destination.

Throughout the summer months, there are fishing tournaments taking place here, and if you plan on breaking a record, trophy fish are easier to find here than anywhere else on the plan. Of course, your skills will still be put to the test, but you know there are higher chances here than if you traveled to another location.


Tropical paradise must have a name, and this name is Belize. Here, you will find everything you want for a perfect vacation, from sunny days, impressive beaches, and, of course, a bunch of opportunities for the avid angler in you.

You will find plenty of luxury lodges here, as there is no shortage of excellent alternatives. You only have to pick your spot and start fishing. If you are interested in finding out more about spade fish or learn delicious recipes, the local culture abounds in everything you might want to discover.


While the first two destinations listed above are ideal in summer and require you to pack your bathing suit along with your fishing tackle, let’s have a trip to the wilderness of Alaska. That might not be a destination synonym to luxury, as far as you’re concerned, so you will be surprised that there are actually luxury accommodations and resorts to be found here.

Sitka Sound is the number one in Alaska you should visit if you’re looking for the perfect combo between luxury accommodations and the best fishing on the planet. The serene beauty of the place can be enjoyed from one of the many luxury lodges scattered along the coast, but it is when you climb into a charter plane that will take you to the best fishing spots that you will feel like the genuine article.


Don’t be surprised to see an Italian destination on the list. The Mediterranean Sea is a place abounding in fish to catch, while the vistas are to die for. Sicily is the place you should go if you want to be able to enjoy the wilderness of nature without giving up on the amenities and luxuries of modern life.

Many luxury activities can be enjoyed here. For instance, luxury yachting is done best here, not to mention that you can indulge in wine tasting and other sophisticated activities that will make feel like you are truly living ‘la dolce vita’.

Cabo San Lucas

This Mexican destination has a nickname that will make any angler want to visit this place at least once. It is named the ‘marine capital of the world’, which pretty much sums up what it is all about. Cabo San Lucas has a pretty strict ‘catch and release’ policy, but the fishing season goes year round, so there’s no wrong time to visit.


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