Australia is one amazing continent-country that has a little bit of everything to please all tastes and meet all expectations. It should definitely be on your bucket list, and the best way to visit it is by renting a motorbike or a car if you’re a foreigner.

With so many places to see and so many breathtaking landscapes, even if you decide to spend an entire year in Australia, it would still feel too short to visit every piece of astonishing land.

However, two-three weeks would suffice to enjoy some of its wonders while riding into the sunset on your motorcycle. So, if you plan on embarking on this adventure, here are some things you need to take into account.

Stay hydrated

Australian summers are the worst, with temperatures easily exceeding 105-107 degrees Fahrenheit (40-42 degrees Celsius), so staying hydrated is an absolute must.

Even if you will be spending your day in the cold breeze of the wind on the highway, you will still sweat a lot with your gear on, so you need to make sure you drink plenty of water and other liquids to avoid nausea, fatigue, headaches, and other symptoms of severe dehydration.

Forget everything you knew about drinking 60-70 fluid ounces (2 liters) of water daily as Aussie summers require a lot more than that. Don’t worry about having to go to the bathroom too often either because you will start sweating the second you put your gear on.

In these cases, investing in a hydration pack is the easiest way to ensure you drink enough water without having to stop in the middle of the road too often.

Prepare for all types of weather

Don’t forget that in the Southern Hemisphere, where Australia is located, summer lasts from December to March, and winter officially starts in June. Although you won’t be seeing snow in the wintertime, temperatures often drop to 42-45 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the area.

Therefore, you need to plan your trip in advance and consider the weather. We don’t recommend going in the summer as extremely high temperatures will often discourage tourists from engaging in any type of outdoor activity. Winter is not the best time to ride your motorbike either as it is usually rainy and quite cold.

March until May and October until the beginning of December are probably the safest months to visit the continent and plan your trip.

However, you’ll still have to prepare for all types of weather, and that includes packing raincoats and a light jacket. With just a quick online search, you’ll find a complete list of seasonal gear to make sure you stay cool and dry, no matter the temperatures and the weather outside.

Stack on fuel

Australia is a huge country, so don’t expect to cover it from one part to another in just one trip. Nevertheless, you should always keep your gas tank full as there are numerous desert territories and remote areas where it will be hard to impossible to find an open gas station.

Also, bear in mind that riding on dirt roads will consume more gas than traveling on sealed roads or highways.

Bring along water, food, and gear supplies

Even if you’re hitting the roads for just one week or ten days, you should be prepared for emergency situations, which means bringing additional supplies of food, water, and some gear spares.

Although most likely everything will go according to your original plan, you should always have a few more meat cans, bottles of water, a flashlight, a spare tire, and other accessories that will make you feel safer.

Don’t forget about the money too. Even if you plan on sleeping in camping parks or in cheap motels along the way, make sure you have enough money to afford to spend a few additional nights in a nice hotel if you decide to make a detour.


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