Beaches are one of the most preferred tourist hotspots for people around the world. Whether you’re a scuba diver, adventurist, water sports enthusiast, honeymooner or a family with kids who wishes to enjoy nature. On the downside, most popular beach destinations are insanely expensive and people are unable to enjoy the experience. This is where Phuket, Thailand comes into the picture.

Thailand is a home to exotic islands that offer a blend of serene beaches and beautiful rainforests at a very economical cost. It is by far one of the cheapest beach destinations in the world.

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Thailand has a lot of beach options, with every island offering something unique, its largest island is Phuket. Known as the king of all touristy islands in the country, Phuket offers over 30 exotic beaches and a number of beautiful small islands dotting its neighborhood. What makes Phuket a cult favorite destination is the fact that it is not limited to sunbathing or snorkeling on the beach. It is a developed town that offers a colorful bazaar scene with nightclubs, festivals, and events for those who want to experience the rich Thai culture.

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There are a number of tours and excursions that you can book to experience nature and activities around Phuket. You can easily book a wide range of Phuket excursions online to save yourself from last minute troubles or the possibility of getting ripped off by local tourist traps during your holiday. Here are some of the exciting tours that you should not miss out.


Phi Phi Island Tours

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Remember the beautiful white sandy beaches, emerald waters embellished by beautiful limestone formations in the Leonardo Di Caprio’s blockbuster “The Beach”. The film was shot on this tropical island and became its claim to fame. You can now experience your favorite on-screen tropical scenery at Phi Phi islands with tours starting as low as 420 Thai Baht (which is Thai currency). You can choose to book a round trip that includes a tour of multiple beaches and tiny neighboring islands or a one way trip to Phi Phi where you can make an overnight stay at one of the beautiful beach resorts on the island.


Phuket Elephant Trekking and Safari Tour

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If you are in Thailand to experience the true essence of nature and if you love forests and wildlife, you should not miss the Phuket Elephant Trekking and Safari Tour. You can choose to book a 30 minute, 45 minute or a 60-minute tour starting as low as 450 Thai Baht. Trek through the jungle on an elephant, watch monkey shows, raft down the river and hear the birds sing, this is a must see visiting Phuket.


Adventure Tours

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Phuket is an adventure sports heaven for those who are high on adrenaline. Phuket has a number of adventure activities to make your trip exciting. You can parasail on the crystal beaches, zip line through the thick jungles, enjoy white water rafting and do much to make it a memorable trip.


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