Are you planning a luxury holiday in the luxury USA destinations? With many luxury destinations around the world, the heart of modern western society, the USA has some of the world’s finest vacation destinations, with plenty of luxury hotels and resorts to give you a vacation experience that you will never forget.

The United States is an absolutely massive country, with 50 states and a population of more than 450 million people. So, where do you visit first? We have taken the effort out of your decision by providing you with luxury USA destinations. Visit one, or visit them all, whichever way you decide to go, you are sure to have the vacation experience of a lifetime.

The Hustle & Bustle of New York City

Does the electric hustle and bustle of life excite you? Then why not start your journey to the luxury USA destinations in New York City? From the moment you arrive at JFK International Airport, it will become clear that you are in the busiest city in the Western world. Take a yellow cab across the Brooklyn Bridge and visit Manhattan Island, most famous for Central Park and the financial district, where you can take a snapshot of yourself and the legendary brass bull statue outside of the New York Stock Exchange.

From there, head out to 5th Avenue for some luxury window shopping before you head to one of the thousands of fine restaurants in the city for a bite to eat. From there, take a walk to Times Square and marvel at the city skyline that is filled with the silhouettes of skyscrapers reaching for the stars. New York City comes to life at night, which is why it’s known as ‘the city that never sleeps’.

Wander down Broadway and take in a show followed by cocktails on the balcony of your hotel as you listen to the sounds of the city. NYC is truly one of the premier cities in the world and a must-visit for anyone going on vacation to the luxury USA destinations.

The Magic of Martha’s Vineyard

luxury USA destinations

luxury USA destinations

Eight miles off of the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, you can find the tiny triangular shaped island of Martha’s vineyard. Know as a playground for the wealthy, Martha’s Vineyard has an island lifestyle that has the best of city living combined into a coastal town. Set up your tee-time on one of the magnificent golfing estates and then head out to the local yacht club for lunch and a cocktail. Martha’s vineyard is the Jewel of the Atlantic seaboard and it’s easy to understand why so many people hold it dearly to their hearts.

Luxury USA – The Amazing Island of Oahu – Hawaii

For a tropical island getaway, consider the Hawaiian island chain as your destination of choice. The Hawaiian islands each have their own unique characteristics. The Big Island is best known for its rugged landscapes and active volcanoes, while Maui is a favored family vacation spot. Kauai is best for lovers on honeymoon but nothing offers the same excitement as the North Shore of the Island of Oahu.

Oahu is best known as a surfer’s mecca, with the world’s best professional surfers calling it their home. From the tremendous power of the monster swells that break at Waimea Bay, the hollow spitting tubes of the Banzai Pipeline, Oahu is home to some of the world’s most impressive waves. Just standing on the beach and listening to the noise as the wave breaks across the reef will give you chills down your spine.

You don’t have to be a surfer to enjoy Oahu, take a stroll through the town and dine on some poke for lunch, or take a hike through one of the many nature trails that litter the coastline, you won’t have to go far to witness nature’s beauty at its finest. Finish the day by relaxing at your luxury hotel and sipping on a delicious island cocktail as you watch the sun set over the Pacific Ocean. Can you imagine a better way to finish off the day? Make sure that you book some time on the island in the itinerary of your luxury USA destinations.

Wrapping up

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