While the destination you pick may have the most to do with how decadent your traveling experience can be, you can also make the most out of your A to B itinerary, due to some outstanding travel gadgets. For the traveler who wants to move around in style, while enjoying everything technology has to offer to the max, the following devices should be on his or her list.


A smart suitcase

With smart technology available everywhere, why shouldn’t your luggage be as clever as your phone? This definition includes any suitcase that comes fully equipped with technology. For instance, it should come equipped with USB ports to allow you to charge your phone or tablet, electronic locks, GPS tracking, and many other exciting things.

However, you should know that such suitcases work on lithium-ion batteries, and, because of the fire hazard associated with them, the airline companies have tightened the regulations regarding smart luggage. The batteries need to be removed before the luggage is stored in the cargo area of the plane, but that doesn’t mean that you’re not allowed to have your smart suitcase with you on vacation.


Noise-canceling headphones

While it’s true that many companies are interested in selling you items that they deem appropriate for using the term noise-canceling, you should take a close look only at the best ones. Companies like Sony make such headphones, and they satisfy the need for luxury and performance in a traveler like you.

The headphones created by this brand can run for 30 hours without interruption, so if you need a good companion for your travel, that’s the type of thing you should get. Plus, they look stylish and justify their price tag to the last cent.


A solar panel clutch

Luxury travel doesn’t have to be all about splurging, at least not when it comes to resource consumption. A green-conscious traveler will, luckily, find many ways to overcome the challenges of the modern world. One way to do that is by including a clutch with small solar panels included in its chic design.

What are they good for? You can simply walk around with the purse in your hand, and it will recharge your smartphone and that without heading back to the hotel. For days spent on the beach, when you snap a lot of pictures for your Instagram, your phone shouldn’t let you down. That’s what this kind of gadget can do for you.


Low profile light therapy devices

Jet lag, difficulty to adapt to light conditions, and fighting the overall unpleasantness of moving from one part of the world to another, can be combated with light therapy. The only issues travelers have taken with this therapy in the past is that no one can accommodate a bulky device in his or her luggage.

Those times are long gone, because now you can find light therapy devices that are light, portable, and can be worn over your head, feeling no more inconvenient than a pair of glasses.


A leather tie case

One problem that travelers may often face when packing their belongings is that there doesn’t seem to be a designated space inside a suitcase for holding their ties pressed and in pristine shape. This issue becomes even more bothersome as you will have to pay extra to have your ties pressed at your hotel.

To combat this nuisance, you should get a leather tie case. Besides looking luxurious, it is a pretty awesome way of keeping your ties in perfect condition.


A pair of AirPods

While noise-canceling headphones are pretty cool to have with you, Apple, the well-known innovative company, came up with another great idea that pleases travelers and not only. The signature AirPods stay in your ears, and you don’t have to worry about losing them. Also, there’s no need for complicated and annoying wiring. What more could you ask from a pair of headphones?


A handheld facial treatment device

Don’t allow the long hours spent flying to take you down. You can look your best if you opt for a handheld facial treatment device you can take with you on your travels. Using nanocurrent to zip away the tiredness from your face, it’s your portable spa.



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