Opera is a wonderful art form. There is nothing quite like listening to a full orchestra and highly trained singers performing timeless classics like La Traviata, Rigoletto and The Marriage of Figaro.

A good performance will transport you to another place and time. They are glamorous events. Attending an opera gives you and your partner or friends the chance to really dress up. At most venues, evening dresses and tuxedos are still the norm.

Attending an opera while you are on holiday makes it easy to create extra special memories. It is a fantastic way to spend an evening, far better than just sitting in your hotel room reading.

If you are looking for Opera Tickets Italy is a great place to buy them. It has more opera houses than any other European countries. This is hardly surprising considering the first operas were performed there, centuries ago. Italy truly is the birthplace of opera.  

The ultimate opera venue in Milan

Top of the list has to be La Scala, in Milan. It opened in 1776 and has remained open almost continuously since then. The venue was renovated in 2004. Today, it is the perfect combination of old-fashioned charm and modern facilities.

Opera in Florence

The Teatro dell’Opera di Firenze, in Florence, is known as the temple of music. It really is a magical place. If you can, go there during the Maggio Musicale Florentino festival. You will not forget listening to the best opera singers in the courtyard of this 13th-century palace. Try to arrive early, so that you can stroll through the wonderful gardens, before the performance.

Opera venues in Venice

The Teatro La Fenice (The Phoenix) is another old opera venue that has recently been updated. In fact, it has been totally rebuilt. In 1996, the original building burned to the ground. However, you would not know it. The look and feel of the original opera theatre has been faithfully recreated. It is an elegant and enchanting place to spend an evening.

Attending the opera in Rome

Perhaps the best place to experience opera in Italy is Rome. This fascinating city offers more venues than anywhere else in the country. It offers both traditional and modern settings in which to enjoy an uplifting performance. Here is just a taste of what the city has to offer opera lovers.

Teatro dell’Opera

There has been an opera house on this site since 1880. Over the decades, this venue has seen some really special events. Puccini’s Tosca premiered there and the famous Three Tenors first performed together at the Teatro dell’Opera.

The Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia

If you fancy trying a more modern venue, the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia is the place to go. Oddly, the Academy is one of the world’s oldest musical institutions. But, they have definitely moved with the times. The spectacular, state-of-the-art, Parco Della Musica is where performances are held today. There are 3 concert halls to choose from, each of which offers operagoers a slightly different experience.

If you wanted to, in Rome, you could easily attend an opera every night of your stay. You can find a full list, here.

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