The decades-long trade between the United States and China has opened doors to many businesses wanting a huge slice of the pie. And one of the industries that are lucrative enough to thrive in such fierce competition is the furniture industry.

With so many furniture companies established yearly, it can be challenging to select one that has all four factors for your home: Function, style, durability, and affordability. But one name that emerges as one of the best brands is Universal Furniture. Know how this company started, and how they can transform your home into a fully-functional space.

Universal Furniture: A Brand Fit for Any Home Design

Universal Furniture is a well-known brand that has been recognized the world over. Since it was established in 1968, the company has been advocating its code of conduct in manufacturing furniture products: Creating pieces that are laser-focused on style, function, and affordability.

Since the company started producing home furnishings, they have been well-recognized by popular organizations and digital magazines. The brand has been featured in Food & Wine, Coastal Living, Southern Home, The Hollywood Reporter, People, and some traditional home shows.

The Beginning of the Journey

They know the way to every homeowner’s heart and that is having the most exquisite pieces that will last a lifetime. However, it hadn’t always started that way. The company had struggled to impress the American market since its inception.

The home furniture industry is a tough niche. And when brands cater to the American market, expect that customers will go over them with a fine-tooth comb. Every client would want to know where the products are manufactured since they only want the best for their home. And Universal’s humble beginnings from China wasn’t widely embraced at first.

From China to America

The company had outsourced their first few products in China due to cheap labor costs. But due to the brand’s unwavering passion and commitment to delivering the best products for your bedroom, living room, dining room, home entertainment, or home office, they had adapted to new trends and especially the customers’ changing demands in the market.

That being said, they learned, experimented, invented, and innovated new ways and materials to create the most perfect masterpieces for every home. Since then, they have brought cheap labor practices in China and fused it with American furniture trends. And this is the reason why Universal’s prices are 20 to 30 percent lower than its competitors.

Universal Has Every Design for Your Home

The company has every design for any room in your home. They have a wide variety of products such as recliners, performance fabric, chairs, barstools, sectionals, sofas, motion sofas, beds, ottomans, executive desks, and more. The styles also range from transitional, contemporary to modern, and traditional.

With Universal, each collection also has a distinct design that will make the pieces stand out in any room in your home. And the best part is Universal offers their products at affordable rates. Moreover, the company also wants to give back to its clients hence, the To The Trade program.

To The Trade Program

Once you become a member of the To The Trade program by signing up, you are eligible for a 20 percent discount on your first order. Furthermore, purchases of over $2,000 or more are also eligible for a 20-percent discount.

Other benefits you can get from this program are convenient ordering system, no-minimum order rule, and free shipping. Regardless of the size, design, and product price, Universal will ship it for free within two weeks.


If you’re looking for a reliable furniture brand that can spruce up every room in your home, then look no further. Universal will give you your money’s worth. For a seamless buying process, you can check out Local Furniture Outlet’s website.


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