Although the wearable technology industry is currently booming and smartwatches are being heralded as “the future of timepieces,” like all of the trends that have come before it, these developments may never replace the luxury watch market. Proving its resilience time and time again, competition only causes the luxury watch market to improve and thrive.

The Evolution of Luxury Timepieces

More than just a timepiece or accessory, luxury watches have had an extremely interesting development and evolution. Within the wake of the technological revolution and the emergence of quartz watches, significant competition, and economic stress threatened the mechanical watch industry. In response to this threat, luxury timepieces were required to rise above emerging technology in order to compete. In answer to the “Quartz Crisis”of the 1970’s, the luxury watch sector focused on creating something of absolute craftsmanship, timeless value, aesthetic beauty, and iconic prominence, ushering in the Great Watch Revolution of the 1980’s, bringing mechanical watches back in full force.

The continuing success of the luxury watch sector is owing to its ability to offer something that goes far beyond practical time-keeping. A luxury timepiece is a sign of social standing as well as impeccable taste, style, and personal branding. Therefore, a luxury timepiece not only complements an overall look with finesse and poise, it makes a certain statement about the wearer as well.

What the Timepiece Says About the Wearer



Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona. Image courtesy of Forbes.

Perhaps the most globally recognized watch brand, Rolex is a symbol of influence, power, wealth, and sophistication. Along with exceptional contemporary models, Rolex also has a renowned history for well-preserved vintage models, some of which can be found here through a detailed product search or under the ‘vintage’ category. A Rolex owner is a wise and savvy investor, and because nothing displays success quite like a Rolex watch, Rolex owners are not only successful but extraordinarily proud of their achievements and have no problem showing that.

Patek Philippe

Horacio Pagani, Patek Philippe

Horacio Pagani, Patek Philippe

Giving Rolex a run for its money, Patek Philippe is often regarded by real luxury watch connoisseurs to be the world’s finest watch brand. Again, having coveted designs in both modern and vintage models, Patek Philippe timepieces are a thing of art and a worthwhile investment. With complicated mechanics being a defining feature of Patek Phillippe timepieces, the wearers of one of these watches have a deep appreciation for the intricacies of design and usually take great care of even the minutest details of their lives. They are savvy businesspeople who think deeply and carefully ensuring every move they make is lucrative. Also a symbol of innovation, a Patek Philippe wearer is ahead of the curve.


Having a long history of creating exceptional jewelry – a history which includes providing jewelry to royalty – Cartier watches are delicate, decadent, and sophisticated. Most certainly a status brand, those wearing a Cartier timepiece have an appreciation for stunning, sleek designs and luxurious style. An appreciator of the fine things in life, the Cartier wearer lives a life of effortless elegance and enjoys the pleasures in life that exist outside of career, like art, food, and good wine.


Omega Globemaster

Omega Globemaster. Image courtesy of Forbes.

Omega has a reputation for an “active aesthetic” and is popular within the sports market. Often worn by athletes (and of course worn by astronauts – the Omega claim to fame), the brand name, though elegant and refined, emotes a rugged sense of adventure. An Omega owner, then, is usually a very active individual that is performance driven and is conscious of style but doesn’t need to flaunt it. Omega is also the watch of choice for the James Bond films of the last few years.

IWC (International Watch Company)

IWC Shaffhausen

IWC Schaffhausen

IWC designs understated watch models of timeless, classic elegance with an air of elite status. The IWC wearer is in a position of power but is a very subtle person that doesn’t believe in doing anything for show. Very confident individuals who are self-assured with absolutely nothing to prove, IWC wearers are direct, know what they want, and are comfortable in their present life situation.


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