Around 92% of home buyers use the internet when conducting their search. This means that the first impression they see of these properties will be through photographs. Taking the time to produce professional quality photographs can be the difference between someone being interested in a property or not. Whether the property is a luxury hotel, car, home, or apartment – using the right photography for the interior design can give prospective buyers special insight into the space before they see it in person.

Professional Quality Produces the Best Results

While just about anyone can grab a digital camera and snap some photos around the room, it takes a true professional with a keen eye for detail to capture a desired look and feel to a room. Some salesmanship combined with technical knowledge and skillful editing can completely transform even the most drab rooms in a home. Most amateur photographs don’t know, or simply aren’t aware of the intricacies of lighting, exposure, color temperatures, and contrast to set up their photos to have a professional polish. Not to mention that it’s much more likely for the inexperienced photographer to take photos that make a room feel cold and uninviting than it is to take glamorous, high-quality images. When comparing luxury properties by the quality of their photographs, using the right photographer can make all the difference between getting the sale and begging for bids.

Decor Matters to Buyers

Even the best photographers need the right tools for the job. And great cameras and editing skills can only do so much. In order to properly set up an interior space, the furniture and belongings in the room need to look like they belong there. Having the right props can help add to the feel of the room, and prospective buyers can more easily see themselves in the room when looking at the photograph. Wall art can be a huge factor in tying a room together. According to CanvasPop, decorating the space with a specific vibe in mind can not only help the photographer get the most out of the pictures, but it can convey a specific sense of luxury and elegance as well.

A lot goes into the logistics of selling high-end property. From proper maintenance to organizing bids and offers, it can be easy to overlook the small details. But often times, those small details can be what makes or breaks the sale. Taking the time to find a professional, experienced photographer, plus proving furniture and wall art that makes sense for the space will be worth going the extra mile for in the long run. People in the market to buy nice property are usually detail-oriented, and they surely will notice a high-quality photograph when they see one.v

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