When five-star luxury meets a boutique hotel, the result can feel like a personal residence designed to the highest specifications, with just enough discrete service to ease your day.  That’s exactly what the D.O.M Hotel in Rome achieves.

Photo – Stefano Delia

The building itself boasts past lives as a 17th-century palace & a Claretian monastery, and is situated just steps away from the Tiber River, which divides the hotel from nearby Vatican city.  The locality however is authentic and somewhat residential, giving you a true feel of daily life in Rome, and sanctuary from the manufactured tourist trail.

The D.O.M feels incredibly masculine and refined, like an end-of-evening Cognac, and on arrival, immediately delivers upon your Italian expectation.  You enter from the cobbled street through small dark wooden doors, directly opposite the guarded anti-Mafia headquarters, to be subtly greeted by elegant and immaculately tailored staff.

Photo – Stefano Delia

The rooms are close-quartered as you’d expect in a boutique in this city, but are adequately sized.  They are decorated tastefully in earthy tones, again adding to that professional and refined feel, but far from standardized business, thanks to the unique design choices, and use of furniture placement, exposed brick accents and mirrors.  The bathrooms are modern, sleek and moody, with a small pop of color provided by the Aqua Di Parma toiletries.

Photo – Stefano Delia

Serious players will opt for the D.O.M Suite, a dual-level apartment with sufficient room for entertaining, and also comes with its own private outdoor terrace.  For all guests, a rooftop terrace also awaits, featuring restaurant dining during summer months and views over the nearby historic skyline and bell towers.

Photo – Stefano Delia

On the ground floor, the restaurant, bar and liquor room offers exceptional food and drink choices, and again, is intimate and moody, but with added splashes of opulence and glamour: large crystal chandelier centerpieces, colorful Warhol prints and deep red drapes.  The restaurant space serves both as a breakfast buffet area for guests, and evening meals.

Photo – D.O.M Hotel

D.O.M Hotel is a unique and well-located choice for those luxury travelers that really want to feel authentic in the city, and appreciate an air of mystery, history, and sophisticated urbane hospitality.

Article by Darren Darnborough

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