Your mother or the mother of your children deserves the very best, right? Well, these ultra-luxe gift ideas are right up your alley… and hers. From a Jaguar to jewels, our Mother’s Day gift suggestions are fancy and full of ideas for the child or spouse who may have 99 problems, but money isn’t one of them.


Image courtesy of Magellan.

A Private Jet For Those Unavoidable College Visits

Mom will actually look forward to those college visits with a Magellan Jet 10-hour jet card and college tour service. It’s a first-class way for the whole family to have a stellar college campus visit. Magellan’s team works to understand the family’s needs and organizes the trip to make the most of campus stops. You’ll have a choice of aircraft from the 7-passenger  Hawker 400XP light jet to the 14-passenger, Gulfstream G450.

Magellan goes above and beyond, customizing the jet cabins with hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts and more from the schools you’re visiting as well as providing a private college concierge, who not only has inside info on your chosen schools but also accompanies your kids on their tours. Magellan Jets’ 10-hour college tour package is  $57,000.


Image courtesy of Jaguar.

A Limited Edition Jaguar XJ50

It’s what everyone wants, right? Something that almost no-one else has. Well, that’s exactly what your wife or mom will have with the limited edition, Jaguar XJ50, released to commemorate the debut of the XJ in 1968.  She will love the XJ50’s soft, diamond-quilted contrast stitch seats, state-of-the-art hardware and software, a virtual instrument cluster and a wraparound rear windshield. The car goes from 0-60 in 5-7 seconds. The XJ50 will be available only this year to coincide with the model’s anniversary year. Cars equipped with the V6 engine start at $87,500; the V8 engine costs $99,300. Individual models can be personalized.


Image courtesy of Rolex.

A Rolex Rainbow Watch

More precisely, it’s the Rolex Rainbow Cosmograph Daytona in Everose. Priced at $96,900, it costs more than the limited edition Jaguar XJ50 V6 mentioned above, but who’s counting! This is a collector’s piece, a good long-term investment for her that’s bound to accrue in value over time as auction prices indicate. Rolex’s pink gold alloy, known as Everose, contains 76 percent gold and 2 percent platinum with copper held in by the platinum. She will love the 36 baguette-cut sapphires in Rainbow gradation, 11 baguette-cut sapphire hour markers, and 56 brilliant-cut diamonds.


Image courtesy of Tiffany’s.

A Bouquet of Paper Flowers Courtesy of Tiffany & Co.

She’ll love these flowers because they will last forever. In their first new collection in ten years, Tiffany & Co. has created a line of floral jewelry called Paper Flowers. Tiffany says the collection was, “Inspired by the idea of abstract flower petals and is “a balance of refined femininity and industrial modernity.” The collection contains platinum pieces with white and yellow as well as 18k gold.


Image courtesy of Seabourne’s.

A Cruise Experience That’s More Like A Private Yacht

With just 300 suites, Seabourne’s new Ovation ship offers the yacht experience your wife or mom has been dreaming of. Each suite has ocean views and private terraces with larger suites boasting hot tubs on the terrace. Suites have large living rooms and bedrooms but there are plenty of common areas as well for social interaction with fellow guests. Try the cabanas on the top deck with their flat screen TVs, privacy shutters, and plush couches. After a day of lounging, mom can dig in at the Thomas Keller-run Grill restaurant and grab a late-night cocktail at the Observation bar. The onboard spa has all the usual treatments plus yoga and meditation classes. Book one of the ship’s 7-day European itineraries now before they’re all reserved.


Happy Mother’s Day!

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