The CHIC Mansion is a 11,500 square foot luxurious residence located in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. As part of CHIC, All Exclusive Resorts by Royalton, a stay in the mansion gives you access to an array of amenities including a pool-side cabana completely stocked with premium alcohol. It’s the perfect place to go on holiday your friends … and where you’ll get your own personal butler and complimentary spa treatment too boot. Located just a short walk to the beach, there are a plethora of activities awaiting you including yoga, surfing, paddle boarding and even an obstacle course with an instructor.

The decor of the mansion is clean, modern and open. Once you enter the mansion through a grand hallway, you will see a glorious view of your own private pool and jacuzzi. A circular couch sits beneath a chandelier in the middle of the living room which features high ceilings and soft ambient natural light. To the right, you will find a game room with a pool table and fully stocked fridge with beverages such as Perrier, sodas, champagne and premium alcohol. If you’re having a bachelorette party, there is even a pole in the game room just in case you would like to take pole dancing lessons.

mansionA formal dining room is located on the other side of the house where you can have a private chef curate a dining experience for you and your loved ones. One of our favorite experiences while staying at the mansion was the afternoon poolside BBQ that featured fresh steak and pork. David, our butler was on hand to serve us delicious white wine and cocktails while we played beach ball in the pool and got our tans on.

Five of the six guest rooms feature luxurious king-sized Dream Beds and the sixth has two of them. It is easy to fall asleep on these ultra-comfortable mattresses that have been designed specifically for Royalton Resorts. If you have a particular style of pillow that you prefer, a pillow menu is available to you so that you will be dreaming the night away. Before we hit the pillow for the evening, we had our butler draw us a bath which he decorated with flowers in the shape of a heart. We enjoyed the powerful jets and water massage to put us in a mood of relaxation.

A stay in the CHIC mansion will give you access to the Diamond Club, an exclusive club that gives you a premium level of service. One of the perks is access to the beach club which features cocktail and food service which you relax on curved chairs and daybeds while you are shaded under umbrellas.

We attended a party at the Mermaid Pool which is a poolside lounge on the 2nd story with gorgeous views of the CHIC pool. A live violinist performed with a world-class DJ while a mermaid swam in the pool. People were drinking, dancing and laughing while a light Caribbean breeze blew over us. During the daytime, guests can swim in the Mermaid Pool and take pictures from the ground floor. Large windows give guests an underwater view of swimmers in the Mermaid Pool.

After a night of dancing, what better way to relax than to get a spa treatment at the Royal Spa. We arrived an hour early to partake in the hydrotherapy room. This grand room is in the shape of a circle and features an ornate ceiling and mood lighting that complements the sounds of rushing water. Start with the lukewarm pool and experience the bubble massage and waterfalls. Next, take a plunge in the cold pool and feel the chills as your body is reinvigorated. The last pool will take you from cold to hot.

To achieve ultimate relaxation, a visit to the Oxygen Bar is a must. You will feel energized once oxygen is pumped back into your system. Depending on your preferred flavor, enjoy serenity, passion or re-invigoration. A variety of detox drinks are offered at the Oxygen Bar for your enjoyment.

Six restaurants are on the property for your enjoyment. Enjoy international cuisine at Elements which is an open air buffet that overlooks the ocean. Hunter Steakhouse has an open kitchen with imported meats from Texas. Vespa Italian Trattoria, Pescari (sushi & ceviche), Munchies (poolside snacks) and Insomnia (desserts, breads and coffee) are all there for you to experience. Our favorite dining experience by far was the poolside BBQ that we had in the CHIC Mansion.

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