Sun seekers, rejoice! The Yacht Week Greece is fast approaching. The Yacht Week is a series of boutique floating festivals sets in destinations around the world. Gorgeous sailing, fantastic island destinations, parties, and of course, incredible Greek food make The Yacht Week Greece one of the most popular routes of all.

The first thing to know is that The Yacht Week is not a public event, but a private trip full of private parties. To join you must join one of these parties by chartering a yacht. Choose up to 12 of your friends and charter your own yacht or grab your best friend or significant other to join an existing yacht with a spare cabin. The best part about The Yacht Week is that the planning is done for you. You’ll receive an itinerary of your options and you can opt in and out of as many activities as you choose.

Image courtesy of Gaetano Cessati via Unsplash

Start your journey at Alimos Marina, near Athens. You’ll be one of around 25 other vessels enjoying day parties and island delicacies. The Yacht Week’s site shares that, “Besides eating your way into a gyro-coma, there are plenty of things to do in Greece. Scooter around Poros and have a spa day in Hydra. Relax beachside or dial up the vibe with a game of water volleyball at the day party. If your heart truly lies at sea, the underwater art installation is where you’ll be. Greece has it all. Have a gander at all the goodness below.”

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Spend your days enjoying floating parties with other yachts. Moor up side by side for an epic day of partying. Or break away to find secluded coves and hidden beaches to enjoy a private dip in the crystal-clear waters surrounding the Greek islands. Every night, stop at an island’s rocky cliffside and climb up (beverage in hand) to enjoy the most beautiful sunset nature has to offer. Pacifico Optical wrote, “The sun setting over the Adriatic Sea is a beautiful thing. Make sure you take the time to enjoy one along the way. The best way is with your feet dangling overboard in good company.”

Image courtesy of Sergii Gulenok via Unsplash

Highlights of the week include seeing ancient Athens, and of course, the Acropolis, dropping anchor in secluded coves, wake-boarding or paragliding, and late-night Greek fiestas with some of the best seafood from traditional tavernas. Whether you want to eat lunch in the shadow of the ruins of Poseidon’s temple or find an uninhabited island, one of the best parts of chartering your own yacht is the freedom to break away from the route planning. Fortunately, your crew knows the secrets of the Greek islands and can make your trip the experience of a lifetime.


For more information, visit The Yacht Week Greece website.

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