Nothing is worse than leaving your extravagant vacation, only to return home to your incredibly normal home. You’ve been spoiled with the room service, plush pillows and the “softer than clouds” fluffy robes.

There’s just something about the upscale hotel rooms that makes everything better than it is at home. The food tastes better, you seem to have slept better and you were just in a better overall mood. Well, the luxury you experienced on your vacation doesn’t have to end. Who says the lavish life has to stay in your hotel room?

All the elements that made your hotel room luxurious, can be brought into your own home. The days of boring bedspreads and raggedy rugs are becoming a thing of the past. Your bedroom is supposed to be your sanctuary of peace right? Well, you should treat it as such. Here are some key essentials that will transform your simple bedroom space into a luxury suite.


Lighting plays a big role in decorating your bedroom, especially when you’re turning it into a lap of luxury. Many people tend to spend the majority of their time and money on the big furniture pieces while neglecting, and settling for, the basics of simple lamps and light fixtures.

You can take your lighting to a new level with shiny finishes. Whether your bedroom is rocking table lamps or a ceiling fixture, a shiny finish will add just the right amount of class. Shiny finishes can include items of gold, glass and crystal.

Chandeliers in the bedroom are a gorgeous addition to any bedroom. These ceiling fixtures can give your bedroom the feel of wealth with just the flip of a switch. Adding a chandelier to your bedroom can take you back to your dream vacation every time you enter the room.

Bedside, lamps can give your bedroom a rich and cozy ambience before you close your eyes for the night. These lamps should give off a warm glow that can help you transition into a long uninterrupted sleep.


The additions of mirrors to your bedroom can make your room appear to be bigger, and nothing says luxury like a large space.

One trick you can do to add style and flare to your bedroom is to place a mirror on the wall, just a little above the nightstand, ideally behind a table lamp. It lends an air of glitz and glamor to your bedroom, as well as adding depth to make it look larger.

Big, oversized mirrors are also great additions to a bedroom that provide the look of luxury. Oversized mirrors with ornately detailed accents not only give the impression of luxury but also add a sense of whimsy, so your bedroom can look expensive and charming all at the same time.


If you want the look and feel of the linens you slept on at a luxurious hotel then you have to invest in luxury yourself. Those high-end linens looked good and felt good, which in turn, made you sleep better. You can have those same results in the comfort of your own home.

Transforming your bedroom with customizable luxury bedding allows you to mix and match colors and fabrics to fit your design and comfort choices. There’s no set rule as to what you have to do to make your room lavish; you can take the key elements and make them all your own. The one rule of luxury bedding, is to stay away from ‘beds-in-a-bag.’ Luxury isn’t found in a bag.

Layering your bed with plush pillows can take your linens from drab to fab. Pillows of different textures such as faux fur, silk, and velvet can really add an elegance that will completely transform your room. To complete this look, try adding a folded plush throw at the foot of your bed. Nothing is more inviting than a bed that look fabulous, while not neglecting the factor of comfort.

Zero Clutter

With a luxury bedroom theme, less is more. How many upscale hotels have you been to that have clutter? Hotel rooms will have a few knick-knacks here and there, but nothing too outrageous. That’s the same kind of design concept you should have for your bedroom.

You definitely want to have a minimalistic look to your bedroom. That means no bills should be laying around in your bedroom, nor should those adorable little drawings the kids made for you. Yes, you love your kids and every little thing about them, but the refrigerator is where those drawings belong.

It’s amazing how much ‘stuff’ you can collect over time that contributes to the clutter in and around your bedroom. You can give some of these items away, or host a yard or garage sale. A good rule of thumb to have when it comes to deciphering what’s clutter, and what’s not, is to figure out if a particular item has been used or worn in the past six months to a year. If your answer is no, then it’s probably safe to get rid of it.

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