Timeless luxury and aesthetic appeal. This can be achieved through the smart use of minimalism of splurge, and a dash of imagination to complete an elegant home, but not overburden it with extraneous details that will only add to the clutter and confusion. Your home should not only be a rich aesthetic space for your visual enjoyment, but it should also evoke certain emotions, portray comfort, positivity, and support happiness and mental clarity as well.

To that end, minimalism of splurge combined with luxury uses simple and unique solutions, playing with design, décor, and light to produce a perfect symbiosis between these elements. The result? A distinguished, clutter-free home imbued with timeless charm. Here is how you can splurge on minimalism to make your home truly elegant.


Clear the space of distractions
Firstly, in order to set the stage for what will be an elegant minimalistic ambiance, you will need to solve the problem of clutter that permeates many homes around the world. It is amazing how much clutter can accumulate over time, especially if you’re not living alone and have a family as well.

First, eliminate the clutter by giving away the things you no longer need or use. Start with your bedroom and slowly work your way down to the kitchen and the living room, packing away everything that doesn’t hold sentimental value and that you haven’t used in over six months.


Create a beautiful neutral base
Minimalism thrives on simplicity, light, and nature. You want to create a neutral foundation for the elements that will enrich the setting, later on, so think about subduing your color options and choosing pure white, beige, biscuit, light gray, and other ecru-inspired hues.

This will support a sense of peace and serenity around your home. Moreover, these hues are perfect for portraying and creating true elegance and timeless charm.
A light will also play a pivotal role in bringing this design solution to life. With the help of your luminous foundation, you want to introduce floor-to-ceiling window schemes that will allow plenty of natural light to permeate the rooms and imbue the space with positivity and peace.
By complementing the décor with natural types of furniture such as light wood desks, chairs, and even wooden floors complemented with rugs that follow a similar color scheme, you will have broken any monotony that might have settled in and set the stage for the next step.


Choose only quality pieces for your home
Because you are choosing your elements from a restricted pool, it can become quite tricky to opt for the right pieces that will enrich a splurge on minimalistic setting and not disrupt the ambiance you are creating. By spending more time and energy on picking out the best furniture and materials, you will create a more calculated setting that is irresistible to the eye and invigorating to the senses.

In the living room, think simple lines and complementary color tones, enriched with comfy furniture following the same principle. Monotony at this stage is crucial, as it will give you the freedom to accentuate with colorful details such as a red accent table, a beautiful painting above the fireplace, or even a contrasting rug underneath the television set.

Follow this principle and work your way around the house. For instance, the bathroom should be a peaceful oasis combining the rustic and the elegant, so look for baths and vanities in a pearly white hue, and complement the foundation with glass elements such as simple vases boasting colorful flowers and greenery.



Introduce personality and unique flair
All this talk about simplicity can be a little tiring to the soul, as monotony can easily settle into this type of ambiance. Luckily, this is where your unique personality comes into play, as an elegant splurge on minimalistic approach gives you the opportunity to imbue the setting with a unique flair that resonates with your taste and preference.

Go slowly, though, as one accent at a time can quickly transform the setting into a completely different design altogether. Think elegant freestanding lights next to the furniture, a rich library in the living room and the bedroom and colorful accents such as figurines, vases and natural elements in bland areas.

Finally, you also want to enrich the focal points in the rooms as well by complementing the similar tones with texture. So think knitted throws, beaded pillows, sheepskin rugs draping over the sides of the bed and couch, and velvet décor in order to emphasize comfort and vibrancy.

Contrary to what its name might suggest, the minimalistic design approach actually serves to enrich your home with comfort, emotion, positivity, and elegance. Be sure to implement these steps into your design project and you will have created a rich and unique setting everyone will adore.


Catherine is a passionate home design consultant from Melbourne. She loves making homes beautiful and buildings sustainable. Besides all this, she loves reading and enjoys a superhero movie from time to time. Find more of her work at Smooth Decorator

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