A corporate event is where people want to cut loose. Giving your best to deliver a memorable experience is what every corporate event manager aims for. However, living up to the expectations of your attendees is not easy. Take a chance with our list of 11 bespoke entertainment ideas and improve your odds of hosting a memorable experience! 

Use The Element Of Surprise 

People love surprises and especially in a corporate event! Invite the singing waiters to your show and awe-struck your crowd when waiters suddenly start to sing and dance! 

Live Food Stations! 

Imagine watching your attendee walk in to find a customizable cocktail Champaign bar next to a live stir fry station. Although there are many ways to feed your attendees, choosing a creative approach has its own perks. 

Everlasting Memories! 

People have enjoyed taking photos ever since the first camera was invented and this hasn’t changed over a decade. Set up a photo booth at your corporate event, and everyone will talk about it until the next one!

Set Up A Gift Station! 

Everyone loves free stuff, but only if it’s something desirable. Put in a little effort and set up a gift station, and it will grab your crowd’s attention! 

Competition Fuels Interest!

A friendly competition hurts no one. Instead, it livens up the party! Simple ideas that include questions about the company or popular trivia games can go a long way! 

Roasting Challenge!

A close-knit group of friends has no problem roasting one another. If your organization has developed friendly relationships, then firing a few friendly roasts on your administrator won’t hurt anyone.  

Celebrity Impersonation! 


In the world of showbiz, there is always something unique going on. If you can’t invite the real celebrities, why not have a celebrity impersonator? 

Live Band! 


Although this idea might be older than your organization, if you want to play safe, then this is a sure-shot way of fueling a dead crowd! 

Invite The Circus! 


Fire-breather, acrobats, and Uni-cycle riders who doesn’t love them? Invite a circus to your corporate event, and you will have your attendees star struck! 

Bring Vegas To Your City!

Having a casino party can be full of fun and laughter! There is no need to book a plane to Vegas when you can hire a rental casino in no time! 

Leverage 21st Century Technology! 

Pokemon go was the craze back in its days. Hosting a scavenger hunt through virtual reality is sure to get your attendees up from their chairs and in action! 


Wrapping It Up 

A corporate event can go from fun to dead in no time. If you aren’t prepared with a list of activities, your event won’t be as extravagant as your attendees expect. The best way to keep the party alive is to keep surprising the crowd. Start with the singing waiter and end with a photo booth! 

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