Brazzaville, the capital of Congo, is a beautiful tropical city located near the Congo River.Brazzaville, the capital of Congo, is a beautiful tropical city located near the Congo River. Brazzaville city council nominee, Nguesso takes much pride in Brazzaville, noting that there is still much work to be done. It is no doubt that Congo has seen a troubled past, but since their independence, Congo has made much progress in industrializing and modernizing their cities, especially Brazzaville. Nguesso plans to further Brazzaville‚Äôs progress by focusing¬†first and foremost on the well being of it’s citizens.

Claudia has donated several computers and much needed technical equipment to the Department of Communication. She has put in hard effort to address both private and public media concerns in regards to ethics and efficiency. She serves as both the Head of Communications and a special advisor to President Denis Sassou Nguesso. As a college graduate and experienced advisor, Claudia has more than enough experience and is capable of making Brazzaville a better city. She plans to improve the reputation of women, work on health care and improve the amount of clean water accessible to citizens. She plans to focus on the most basic and necessary human rights for everyone but also wants to add to the beauty of Brazzaville. Claudia hopes to promote artist to create pieces for the first showcase of the Congo.

When Claudia speaks, she discusses the gems found within her surroundings that everyone should have the opportunity experience. From restaurants to safaris and hotels to natural wonders, here are some the best found in her home city.

Hotels of Brazzavile

Mikhaels Hotel Swimming Pool -- Hotels of Brazzavile

Mikhael’s Hotel РWith 92 rooms and the amenities you wish you had at home, you’ll feel comfortable from the moment you walk through the front doors. Combined with an ideal location, it is no surprise that Mikhael’s is one of the most recommended hotels in Brazzaville.

Hotels of Brazzavile

Hotel Olympic Palace РThe convenience of this location is perfect for all the business travelers. It’s close enough to the airport and an easy enough place to get around town. This is one of their few 5-star hotels in town.

le-bar-de-l-hotel-villa -- Hotels of Brazzavile

Villa Lys Hotel РIt can be difficult to find hotels and places in Brazzaville that have the most basic amenities, but it’s beginning to improve. Villa Lys has all the essentials close to their town center and makes you feel the closest to a Western town.

hotel-brazzaville-beach -- Hotels of Brazzavile

Hotel Brazzaville Beach ‚Äď In case you want to get out of town, this is one of the few places in Congo you can stay in to feel comfortably close to town. The garden and pool set off the place fairly well and are relaxing for the common user. They provide a whimsical atmosphere away from town. This is perfect for¬†those seeking a peaceful getaway.

Hotels of Brazzavile

Ledger Plaza Maya Maya ‚Äď This is one of the oldest, but most well known hotels in the Brazzaville. It‚Äôs close to their town center and has everything that you may need. Their food and service are ideal for anyone visiting for a couple of days.¬†

Restaurants In Brazzaville

Restaurants In Brazzaville

1. Mami Wata 

Enjoy an incredible scenic view as you have lunch with your family and friends right by the Congo River! With a variety of options available from local dishes to favorites such as lamb chops and kebabs, you will find something you love. If you choose to dine at night you will also have a view of the beautiful lights of the Kinshasa Skyline!

Restaurants In Brazzaville

2. Le Jardin Des Saveurs

With a menu full of delicious International¬†cuisine and a beautiful open space atmosphere,¬†Le Jardin Des Saveurs is a great choice for any mood you’re in! The restaurant is known for importing amazing beef from South Africa as well as their local gambas and fresh fish caught daily and locally.

Restaurants In Brazzaville

3. O Sympathic

If you want to experience the french side of Brazzaville, there is no better place to go than¬†O Sympathic! With an inviting, social atmosphere, and quality food at an affordable price, you’re guaranteed to have a great time when you dine here. Recommended for both lunch and dinner.

Restaurants In Brazzaville

4. Nenuphar Bar & Restaurant

Continental cuisine, appetizing BBQ, and enticing Spicy food are what you’ll find at this local favorite!¬†Nenuphar¬†is often frequented by businessmen and diplomats so try to get a reservation in early to get a chance to try the food and see what all the hype is about! The Poulet Satanic and the Saka Saka are must-trys!

Restaurants In Brazzaville

5. Restaurant L’Orchidee

With a traditional french menu and plentiful portions, you can be sure you’ll leave the restaurant feeling happy and delighted!¬†The restaurant is warmly decorated and the friendly staff will make sure you have a memorable meal.

Restaurants In Brazzaville

6. L’Oriental

When you step into¬†L’Oriental, you will feel you are instantly being transported into a gorgeous, spacious Moroccan market. This is the place to go if you want a traditional, genuine Moroccan cuisine. We hear the barbecue is cooked to perfection!

Restaurants In Brazzaville

7. Filo Tempo

Although Filo Tempo is a bit more difficult to find than the other restaurants on this list, the search is worth it! The Filo Tempo serves the best Italian food in Brazzaville. The risotto is highly recommend!

8. Maman RO

When you step into Maman RO, you will not want to leave. Located in a noisy and busy neighborhood, walking into Maman RO is like walking into a warm, beautifully decorated bubble of fine, local cuisine and good company. With a copious menu, you will have a hard time deciding which dish to try first!

9. Hassan Burger

If you want to find great Lebanese food in Brazzaville, then look no further! Famous for their burgers and pizza, the service is prompt and the prices are reasonable. If you get a chance, sit outside and enjoy the wonderful and vibrant street life of Brazzaville.

10. La Mandarine

La Mandarine is the best patisserie in town! Although the restaurant is quite simple, the flavors are rich and satisfying! The ice cream is especially noteworthy. It is also a lovely place to eat brunch.

Adventure in the Congo

Discover the vibrant life within the Congo at the Lango Camp luxury safari. Be immersed within the wildlife, while having access to modern, beautiful amenities in Odzala-Koukoua National Park. Lango Camp lies on the edge of the savannah area, within dense gallery forest overlooking the productive Lango Bai; thus strategically located to ensure access to a variety of habitats, activities and wildlife species.

Each of the six creatively designed guest rooms takes inspiration from the designs of the regional Ba’Kola forest-dwelling groups and is raised three to four metres above ground to ensure views of part of the bai, as well as the surrounding gallery forest.¬†The privilege and thrill of observing one of our closest relatives in the wild will be undertaken from two intimate, sensitively constructed camps that leave as light a footprint as possible and blend into this remote forest environment: Lango Camp, nestled in mature forest on the outskirts of Lango Bai and with access to the Savannah as well as the Lekoli and Mambili Rivers, and Ngaga Camp in the heart of a Marantaceae forest.


Floating wooden decks link the rooms to the main area, which is also fashioned from natural, locally sourced materials: sustainably harvested timber, bamboo and community-woven raffia palm roofing. A star deck and fire pit are placed on a dropped deck overlooking the bai for after-dinner relaxation and star- gazing.


Activities at Lango are a combination of walking and boating, in search of species such as forest buffalo, forest elephant, sitatunga and harnessed bushbuck, as well as primates like Guereza colobus, grey-cheeked mangabey and putty-nosed monkey.

Lango Camp Andrew Howard Congo

Embark on a private guided safari in the primeval forests of the Odzala and encounter a plethora of species:

From the star attraction of 7 habituated western lowland Gorilla families (about 105 gorillas!), you will encounter eleven species of diurnal primates. Other forest species present include plentiful birdlife and herds of Elephant and Buffalo.

What are you waiting for? Leave your desk and live out your adventurer’s dreams in¬†Brazzaville today!


Natural Wonders

This nation sits right at the very center of Africa and is the continent’s second largest nation in terms of land area. On the map, it can be traced along the equator thus containing the second largest, most dense tropical rainforest habitat after the Amazon rainforest. Its strategic location has given rise to many different forms of habitats and a complex river system, one of which is the Congo River where it gets its name. With lush jungles and varied terrains, a visit to the impressive country of Congo will give an exploration of a lifetime.


Nyiragongo Volcano
Quite an intense first destination in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Nyiragongo Volcano is notorious for several eruptions that have occurred in the last decade. It is located in Virunga National Park on the eastern part of Congo and stands towering over the country. What’s more daunting about this volcano is despite erupting multiple times, it is still considered one of the most active volcanoes in the world and one of the least studied as well.

Lake Tanganyika

Lake Tanganyika
Recorded as the longest lake in the world, Lake Tanganyika ranks second in both size and depth after Lake Baikal. Because of its immensity, it has been considered as a landlocked sea instead of a lake and contains hundreds of species of cichlid fishes, of which most are native only to the lake. Alongside being a valuable biological habitat, the peaceful ambiance of Lake Tanganyika has become a destination for tourists. What used to be a German warship has been used to ferry visitors who want to marvel on the grandness of the lake.

Congo River

There’s no better place to go than visit the natural wonder that gives rise to the country’s name.  Along this grandeur is its ability to provide hydro-electric power during heavy outpour of rain. It also passes through the dense Congo rainforest and flows through as waterfall in a series of canyons.


Boyoma Falls
Popularly known as Stanley Falls, the Boyoma Falls is composed of seven cataracts wherein the great Congo River flows through. It is found in north-east of Congo in the province of Orientale and has been become a popular destination, albeit well-hidden, for those who visit the country. If you wish to find the seven waterfalls, you need to hike for about a kilometer or half an hour for every checkpoint cataract.


Congo Rainforest
Nothing else completes the picture of a complete Congo adventure than delving to one of the densest jungles in the world, the Congo rainforest. Although it is not advisable to enter the 2nd largest tropical rainforest, it is a natural wonder of Congo. This forest itself holds many endangered, diverse species of both flora and fauna. However, it is unfortunate to note that also suffers exploitation by hunters and illegal loggers. Home to a vast number of wildlife, the Congo forest is a valuable treasure of Congo.


As you can see Claudia provided a ton of insights into Brazzaville and Congo at large. She’s improving their quality of life and shows that Congo has a lot to offer tourists. Let’s support her in this election and visit her rich, plush and gorgeous land, Brazzaville. They have so much to offer!

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