While this is not the right time to travel the world, for obvious reasons. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t contemplate travelling around the world, or remember and reminisce our previous journeys and travels. We also wanted to have a look at the reasons why people travel the most, what they want to achieve, see or experience, and furthermore, are there any alternatives in the events where for some or other reasons is impossible to travel.


Virtual travel, Google Maps and virtual museum tours

One obvious reason and motivation for people to travel is to visit foreign countries and see landmarks, streets, objects, buildings and what not. We live in an era when travelling is affordable and people, on average, have visited a lot more countries and cities as opposed to their predecessors. Still, there are times when it is not possible to travel, due to lack of time, money, or other objective and external circumstances.

It is very difficult to find an alternative to actual travel, but let’s have a look at the possible options. What could you that will enable you to virtually travel when actual travel isn’t possible. Well, you can travel virtually via Google Maps. Many museums and other venues offer virtual tours. The Louvre, the National Gallery of Art in Washington and many more museums can be visited virtually. Even if it’s possible to travel, you probably won’t be able to visit US and France on the same trip. 

You can also virtually attend concerts if you’re unable to travel and visit venues. In fact, there are DJs that organise virtual sets and a lot of people enjoy these virtual parties. 


Cooking and food

A lot of people like to visit bars and restaurants and try different dishes and cuisines. If you can’t travel abroad and visit iconic restaurants and dishes, you can check the takeaway spots in your city and choose an option that you haven’t tried before.

You can also try to recrate certain recipes and cook more at home. If you live in a larger city in Western Europe and America, you will be probably be able to find all sorts of ingredients from all over the world, and if not, you can find replacements. 

There are so many interesting, easy recipes, many chefs and amateur cooks do YouTube videos and you can watch the whole preparations and cooking process. Yes, maybe your Detroit-style pizza won’t be identical to pizzas that are served at Detroit pizzerias, but if you’re a good chef it’ll be pretty close.


Gaming and other forms of entertainment

People often travel because they want to experience something unique, something that they can’t experience somewhere near where they live. For instance, Las Vegas, Macau and Monaco are the most popular and most notorious gambling destination in the world. There is an alternative here as well. The option is online, the online casino market is a lot more advanced and a lot more diverse nowadays. Just have a look at the newest online slots for 2020, and you will see what we’re talking about.

Yes, you might not be able to enjoy all that glamour and glitz, but is a lot more comfortable and a lot more convenient. 


Can I bring the ocean home?

Finally, the sea, the ocean and the beaches are among the strongest reasons why people decide to travel. Most of us can survive not being able to go on road trips, but it falls hard when we have to skip the summer holiday. 

It is difficult to find an alternative for the sea and the beaches. There are few options here – public pools, home pools, and finally filling your bathtub with warm water and adding salt to it. Yes, it is far from the actual thing, but it’s still an option. Or perhaps, if you haven’t already, you can invest in an air-con system and keep your home cold. 

All in all, it’s hard to find something that can generate a virtual experience of travelling without actually leaving your home, but there are some alternatives and options that you could explore and take into consideration. 

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