Nature’s wonders are often more evident in the night. Here are some nocturnal phenomenons that are happening while your sleeping.


Northern Lights

The most well known nocturnal phenomenon Aurora Borealis can be witnessed in the Artic and Antarctic. Scientifically speaking what is being seen is the process of electrons entering earth’s upper atmosphere. Luckily, observing Aurora’s beauty isn’t that much of risk. There is a Resort & Spa upon the Yukon River that will help travelers view the wonder.


Total Solar Eclipse

Mark your calendars! Timing is everything with this world-moving spectacle. The next total solar eclipse can be witnessed in Svalbard, Norway on March 20, 2015. For over 2 minutes the moon will come between the earth and the sun.


The Glowing Forest

Found in Southern Wakayama prefecture of Japan the Mycena lux-coeli mushrooms offer a rare treat for the eye. Nature’s Bioluminescence is the reason for this wonder.


Gippsland Lake


Bioluminescence once more is on display in Australia. Noctiluca scintillans are the reason for this not so often phenomenon. Last soon in 2013, and before in 2009 views of the ocean’s shores glow an electric blue.


Vaadhoo Island

Also taking the shores in the Maldives the biological lights of phytoplankton burn a blue not only in the water but on the sand. This might be the most romantic place in the world, if only there was a resort. Oh wait..


Hessdalen Lights

To witness the Hessdalen Lights of Norway all one needs is luck and a lot of patience. The unexplained light only happens 10–20 times per year and that number has been lately decreasing.


Light Poles

Similar to the Northern Lights, light poles are a wonder of the cold. Occurring within cities this miracle requires a temperature below -20 Celsius and little to no wind. So that ice particles can reflect man made light. It’s not seen too often.


Upward Lighting

Upward Lighting comes from a tall object such as a building, tower or wind turbine reflecting an incoming electrical field. Photographer Hakim Atek witnessed an unbelievable account of upward lightening in Paris.


Red Sprites & Blue Jets

Red Sprites & Blue Jets are occurrences in the Northern Lights caused by thunderstorms. Often witnesses claim them to be “Rocket-Like.” They can only be captured by low light level television technology.


Naga Fireballs

Thailand houses this phenomenon on the Mekong River where firing balls appear to raise out of the water. Scientist recently claimed, “The phenomenon is caused by flammable phosphine gas.” To witness the spectacle book your ticket for Thailand in October.


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