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1 . The Ski-Slope Bathroom


There is no better place to plop your butt than the slopes.

2 . The Ice Restroom


For those who prefer their buns frozen.

3 . The Steampunk Bathroom


AKA The Dr.-Who-Fan Loo

4 . The Glass-Bottom Bathroom


The perfect compliment to a room most preoccupied with YOUR bottom.

5 . The Solid-Gold Throne


The perfect place to drop your own golden nuggets.

6 . The Dalí Delight

Source: So disorienting, there’s no guarantee what you’re sitting on is actually the toilet!

7 . The Future Bathroom

In the future, toilets are indistinguishable from the trash, bidet, and sink. It makes things more exciting.

8 . The ‘Yellow Submarine’ Bathroom


A yellow submarine to navigate the yellow waters of life.

9 . The Underwater Bathroom


King Trident’s throne… with a twist!

10 . The Koi Pond Commode

Source: Flickr: Tom Censani

You definitely won’t get lonely.

11 . The Chaos Commode

Source: Flickr

The perfect place to go after you’ve eaten too much corn and prunes.

12 . The Mortality Toilet

Source: Flickr

Hit the head and practice a Hamlet-esque monologue, or maybe just a good ol’ fashioned existential crisis!

13 . The One-Way-Mirror Palace


For the exhibitionist who can’t afford legal fees.

15 . The Outdoorsy Bathroom


Bringing a whole new meaning to the term “outhouse.”

16 . The Stone-Age Bathroom


For a yabba-dabba-doo-doo time.

17 . The Surprise Bathroom

18 . The Indoor/Outdoor Bathroom


Get a tan while you do your business!

19 . The Egg Pod


Take a futuristic bathroom journey with these strange egg shaped bathroom stalls at London’s “sketch restaurant.”

20 . The Garden Toilet

Source: Gizmodo

When nature calls!

21 . The High-Rise Bathroom


For the most metropolitan of movements.

22 . The Room of Mirrors

Source: Flickr: dplanet

A way to really reflect on what you’ve produced.

23 . The Comic Book Bathroom

So scary, it may have you pooping bricks!

24 . The Bubble Bathroom

Source: pinterest.comStylish AND safe with extra padding on the walls in case things get eventful.

25 . The Couples Retreat


The ultimate bonding experience.

26 . The Gamer’s Paradise

Take your gaming experience to the next level!

27 . The Tropical Challenge Bathroom


It’s like Legends of the Hidden Temple , only the motivation behind the adventure is far more urgent than the Shrine of the Silver Monkey.

28 . The Mirror Mosaic


With every surface covered in mirror except for the toilet, you’re guaranteed to have a great view of the whole affair.


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