Today’s modern cars come with all kinds of weird and wonderful features. Some vehicles have options aimed at those with a penchant for speed. While others get marketed at the more discerning motorist. If you fall under the latter category, chances are you’ll want to buy a luxury car.


The thing is; vehicle features and technology change all the time. How do you know which standard features should be in your next luxury car? Here’s what you need to make sure comes in your future vehicle:




You would think that all luxury cars have a plethora of style as standard. But, it might shock you to learn that some just look awful! The first thing to put on your luxury car checklist is style.


It’s crucial to buy a car that is the epitome of modern motoring. The last thing you want to do is have a vehicle that felt at home back in 1983!


Leather interior


When you sit inside of your future luxury car, it must boast the best leather interior. These days, even cars such as the Toyota Aygo from Inchcape Toyota can have leather interior.


While you’re not asking for some rare or exotic option, it’s important you avoid fabric seats. Why? They are harder to clean and maintain. Plus, they just look out of place on a car that might cost more than a person’s annual salary!


Adjustable seating


It’s not enough to just be able to move a seat forwards, backwards or be able to tilt the backrest. Today’s modern luxury cars offer a plethora of seating adjustments. That means one’s journey on the road can become more comfortable than ever.



Many of today’s luxury vehicles sport seat “memory” features. So, you could have one memory option, your partner another, and even one for your valet!


Internet access and connected services


Let’s face it; we all live in a digital age and are often glued to our smartphones! When we get in the car, we demand to stay connected to the online world.


A feature found in a growing list of luxury cars is Internet access, believe it or not! Models from marques such as BMW have built-in 3G and 4G mobile Internet access. One can effectively use their vehicles as mobile Wi-Fi hotspots!


More luxury vehicles also have “connected services” as standard. Examples include live traffic updates and streaming music content.


Copious amounts of horsepower


A luxury car will no doubt have a lot of weight to carry, what with all those exciting tech and comfort features! It makes sense to have a powerful engine under the bonnet to propel such vehicles.


Today’s luxury cars often boast engines with horsepower akin to what one might find in a supercar! Often, you will find cars with at least 400 horsepower available to use at any time!


The good news is that today’s modern high-performance engines are also economical. For example, most open up only a few valves during normal driving to save fuel and lower CO2 emissions.

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