In the past going off road was about roughing it. Feeling every bump and scratch as you took your car for a spin on some of the wettest, wildest tracks imaginable. There were also very few cars that could handle going off-road at all. Land Rover has dominated the market and weren’t about to give it up without a fight. Approximately fifteen years ago a fight was exactly what they received when every major car brand started to develop their own SUVs. However, gone were the days where you would be in for a rough tumble off-road. Now, it’s all about how comfortable you can feel on a muddy dirt path. With these luxury SUVs, it can feel like you’re driving around in a mini hotel room, even as you’re pushing the car up a steep slope.

Landrover LR4

The Land Rover LR4 is a brilliant machine. If you want a fantastic ride off-road, it doesn’t get much better than this. Arguably, it has the best handling capabilities off-road, and you’ll always feel like you’re in complete control. Not only will you have fun off road, but you’ll also look great doing it. The Land Rover is incredibly stylish with a minimalistic yet undeniably attractive design. It’s the type of car the villains would drive, chasing the secret agent down a ski slope in a Hollywood movie.  Of course, it isn’t all good news.

The land rover does come fitted with a large price tag costing anything up to fifty thousand. Each time you want to add another feature, you can expect to add another two grand. Then, there is the interior design. Some would argue that the King of the SUVs has fallen out of style of late. The touchscreen display certainly feels dated, and there hasn’t been any major changes this year. As such, you might be best choosing a more modern Luxury SUV.


Of course, if you want a modern SUV, you should certainly look at the latest BMW. With a sleek design and a cool style, it will look great parked in your driveway or racing across a rocky terrain. In fact, we think the only issue with taking this one off road is you won’t want to ruin it. Like the Land Rover, it does have great handling, but not that much room. It’s a tad more cramped, and it doesn’t have as much head room. It also doesn’t have great space for luggage. However, there is no denying that it feels absolutely fantastic. So, what is the problem? Well, it’s the price tag which could cost up to one hundred thousand. Ouch, imagine if you damage this on a track outside the city. Our advice is to buy two BMWs, both second hand. Buy an older version of this one and a BMW X1. Sellers such as Hilton Garage have them at fantastic prices.

Tesla Model X

Of course, if you want to get forward into the future with style and brilliance, the Tesla Model X is the answer. It looks great; it feels great, and we’re missing the best part. What is it? Oh yes, just the small fact that is completely electric powered! That’s right, if you drive this beautiful machine, you can finally claim to be completely gas free. We think the purchase is worth it for that alone.

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