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Love issues are eternal and can concern both men and women. Saint Valentine’s Day is unbeaten in making these issues more pressing. The idea of love obsession is so ‘infectious’ that nobody seems to be able to resist it. Heart shaped chocolate boxes and flower sales set records; people yearning for love get hung up on creating scenarios of celebrating St. Valentine’s Day and end up buying lavish gifts and expensive pre-fixe dinners.

As for those who have no soulmate to share love with, they just try to avoid this holiday by any means, or live like it has never existed. One may think that rich people have no idea of loneliness and, therefore, there is no need for them to go on dating sites fixing the loneliness on St. Valentine’s Day. Though, that’s not exactly true. Here are three reasons why rich people actively use matchmaking services and what they gain:


Rich people realize that time is a non-renewable resource. The harder they work, the more successful they are and the less time they have for a romantic life. Relationship building process features some stages of development to undergo. Naturally, this process requires time.  Online dating sites are l SeekingMillionaireike Aladdin’s lamp in the sense of time-saving.  All a user needs to do is to rub the lamp (meaning to join a dating service), to have his/her wish (meaning to describe the traits or appearance type of a future partner), and the dating sites will do the rest. No long conversations, no endless dates in search of the appropriate partner for a candle-lit dinner, the whole future spared from a short-term fling, and, as a result, a great deal of time gained.     


There are dating sites like OKCupid, SeekingMillionaire, MillionaireMatch and DateaMillionaire adhering to the integrity of users should be clear from the very beginning. For example, in the case of a woman dreaming of finding a wealthy partner, these dating sites allow her to express her intention directly.  On the other hand, wealthy men are clear with that and may not waste their energy on figuring out who is faking it by saying that money does not matter at all and no material object like a Coach bag is really valuable.


Dating sites are like a big Christmas table around which all family members gather. The social circle of rich people does not tend to change significantly in view of a luxury lifestyle.  By joining this Christmas table, they have a good chance to experience new emotions, get acquainted with prospective men or women they would never meet in their social circle and branch out to discover a different perspective from meeting people from all walks of life.  Even this small experience can be nice to gain insight and inspiration, or certainly not a trivial way of celebrating Saint Valentine’s Day you will never forget.

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