With their most recent development, the Huntington Library (link), is ushering in a new era of destination dining. They have contracted Bon Appétit Management Co. for dining and catering services. The museum and the Huntington Library welcomes 750,000 visitors a year and features five dining spaces, including the Rose Garden Tea Room, nestled between the Rose and Herb gardens.

Huntington Library

View of the Rose Garden. Photo provided by Jeff Wagner Agency.

Border Grill co-founders Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger and Blue Window co-owner Kajsa Alger were invited to launch several new dining concepts. “We are tremendously excited about this new endeavor,” said Laura Trombley. “At a time when cuisine has become key to every type of cultural experience—from museum going to concert watching—we believe it’s critically important to have dining here reflect the high quality that is the museum standard. Food is no longer incidental—it is part of our culture. And, according to some, it is everything. We want wonderful and memorable food to be part of the greater experience.”


Kajsa Alger, Mary Sue Milliken, and Susan Feniger. Photo by Jeff Wagner Agency.

“Standout features of the Bon Appétit proposal included their commitment to quality, taste, and sustainability,” said Trombley. “We consider sustainability to be of key importance at The Huntington— whether we are considering how to lower our water use, narrow our carbon footprint, or determine what types of seafood we serve.” Bon Appétit CEO and Cofounder Fedele Bauccio had this to say, “I couldn’t be more excited to bring our focus on sustainability and fresh, seasonally driven local food to the Huntington.” Bauccio has been widely recognized for his work in sustainability for many years, perhaps, Trombley noted, “well before it became a household term.” In 2011, Bauccio was chosen by the James Beard Foundation as one of ten individuals for its inaugural Leadership Awards, recognizing outstanding initiatives as well as bodies of work and lifetime achievement. Bauccio was recognized ‘for his commitment to quality food and socially responsible food sourcing.’ In addition, Bauccio won the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2014 National Retail and Consumer Products Award, and in 2016, the Acterra Award for Sustainability, both for pioneering local sourcing and environmentally friendly policies.


Market Grill at the Huntington Library. Photo by Jeff Wagner Agency.

About Bon Appetit Management Co: Founded in 1987, Bon Appetit Management Co. currently runs more than 650 restaurants and cafés in 32 states. Prominent clients include the Getty Center and Getty Villa, Google, the University of Pennsylvania, and the Art Institute of Chicago. It also runs a dozen public restaurants, including San Francisco’s The Commissary, Arguello, and Public House in partnership with chef Traci Des Jardins.

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