You might need to reconsider if you’re thinking that you are getting all the vitamin needs from your diet. In fact, surprisingly, most of us have some nutrient deficiency. Even if you are diet conscious and eating a healthy diet. Furthermore, we can often fall short of the mark when we are too aware of eating a well-balanced diet. This is because our fishing and farming methods have significantly changed.

Technically, a healthy and balanced diet provides us all vitamins and minerals that our body needs to function normally. However, unfortunately, with the combination of intense modern farming, our environment and lifestyle issues make this much harder. Moreover, many factors create difficulty for many people to meet their needs. Even if they are consuming a healthy and well-rounded diet.

Our primary focus should be on getting as many vitamins and minerals as our body needs. So, how can we get all those nutrients? Maybe the food we are eating is lacking in nutrition and making us vulnerable. Similarly, there could be other factors, such as unhealthy habits and working patterns.

However, to counter this, it may be essential to consider adding supplements to your daily diet. According to studies, many nutrients have been proven to aid in fulfilling the minerals needed. They also help in preventing health conditions such as high cholesterol, birth defects, cancer, and arthritis. Similarly, your body needs essential daily minerals to operate appropriately. This is where supplements can surely help you.

Let’s take a look at what influences our need to take supplements and what specifically has changed:

Ability to Absorb Nutrients:

Digestion issues are one of the most common health problems these days. It increases the nutritional needs of people with impaired assimilation. If you cannot break down and absorb the food you eat, then even the most healthy and nutritious diet can’t help you. Sadly, as we age, our body tends to produce fewer digestive enzymes responsible for food digestion. This is why most of us need supplemental support to access the healthy nutrients from the food. They may also help in the proper digestion of food.

About 50% of people in the world are taking at least one form of medication. This can be the cause of low digestion processes and nutrient deficiency. Furthermore, some medicines can hinder your ability to absorb minerals and can cause additional health problems. Therefore, your initial focus should be on correcting gut health and supporting assimilation. This will help you balance your nutritional deficiencies.


It’s not always the external factors that contribute to stress or nutritional deficiency. Being under a lot of stress can consume many nutrients, such as calcium, magnesium, and zinc. Among other health issues, stress also reduces the strength of the digestive system. Consequently, lowering nutrient absorption and utilization.

Many people who are struggling with stress are using different medications without any recommendation. However, they should consult their doctor before turning to medicine. If you want to adopt the use of supplements, you should get your doctor’s advice first. You can ask them about various supplements, nutrients, organic and herbal remedies such as white Thai kratom effects or whether you can use it. In addition to this, there are several types of therapies that can help you cope with stress.

Nutrients Deficiency Due to Soil Depletion:

The food you are eating is not as nutrient-dense as it once was; it doesn’t matter which diet you’re following. This is because the soil that grows our crops has been over-farmed and saturated with pesticides. So, fruits and vegetables lose more nutritional content with every harvest. Thanks to modern farming processes, the nutritional density of fruits and vegetables has decreased significantly compared to half a century ago.

Researches show that nutrient absorption of plants from the soil is highly affected by soil depletion. The nutrients that are affected include protein, calcium, iron, phosphorus, vitamin, and riboflavin. This extensive problem requires deliberate change among farmers. However, don’t let this deter you from consuming fruits and vegetables.

Harmful Lifestyle Habits:

Your nutritional need can significantly increase if you drink alcohol, smoke, or engage in any form of substance abuse. Drinking alcohol and smoking drains the quantity of vitamin C in the body. If you are in an unhealthy habit, your body needs twice as much vitamin C as an average person needs. Furthermore, drinking a cup of coffee can cut your iron absorption to a third of what you should be taking.

Sometimes, people turn to bad habits because they are stressed out and depressed. This will not help; however, it can just be the cause of additional problems. They should try supplements such as vitamins, calories, mass gainers, CBD, and kratom supplements. Other than that, they can also order kratom online to help reduce their stress.

Long-Distance Transportation of Foods:

Certain nutrients present in the food begin to diminish as soon as the crop is harvested. For example, freshly harvested fruits have more nutrients than fruits that are collected a few days ago. It may be days or weeks between picking, transportation, and the consumption of food.

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