Every time you look over your shoulder, it seems like everyone is getting married.  People are catching that wedding fever all year long. And, oh yes, times have changed. Modern has become the new traditional. One thing to keep in mind is that weddings are not 100 percent about you; half of it is the presentation.  It’s about the where, the what, and the how. This is the biggest presentation of your life. Gentlemen, get your mental notes ready. Ladies, get your pens ready. Here are some of the most hot and fabulous trends you might be choosing for your wedding. 

18. Floral Arrangements


Of course, flowers are essential pieces to the wedding. Ladies are shooting for more of a romantic feel and a versatile look when it comes to floral arrangements. Brides want the color and more greenery. Some of the top picks for weddings are dahlias, English roses, peonies, hydrangeas, and Ranunculus. Add a little touch of these to the bouquet, reception decor, or even the centerpiece and not only will it smell lovely, but you’re sure to feel that romance and a whiff of lushness.

17. British Style


Thank you, “Downton Abbey” and Princess Kate, you have certainly influenced many brides’ dream weddings. British decor is stylish and definitely brings on the lavish and upper class vibe.  With British-inspired weddings, you can shake things up by taking a little vintage and adding a little modern. If you’re looking for a relaxed wedding and reception, this is the way to go.

16. Gothic Floral Wedding


Weddings are the couple’s chance to show and express who they are. Nothing gives traditional a twist like a Gothic floral-styled wedding. Reds and dark colors give fierce a new look. Ladies, if you want to make sure your wedding is the talk in the office for months to follow, add some darkened red roses to that bouquet and black lace to your beautiful gown and flaunt it.

15. Asymmetrical Dresses


Asymmetric is a bold, chic, and gorgeous statement piece. Even though it is not completely different from traditional wedding dresses, it does switch things up a bit by adding a nice amount of fun and classy to the dress. You can switch it up and go for asymmetric for the reception dress or a wedding after-party jumpsuit.

14. Corset Dresses


Ladies, we all like to be fit and sexy for our big day. We want that perfect dress to accentuate the right parts of our bodies. Well, a corset dress is the key. It’s a traditional piece of women’s fashion combined with a nice proportion of modern. This style will give the illusion of a smaller waist, give your boobs just the right lift, and the make your hump look a bit more plump. Lets just say you’ll be kicking sexy up a notch in this type of dress.

13. Crop Top Dresses


Walk down the aisle in a sexy, chic ensemble like this and the room will fill with gasps and envy. This style of bridal wear screams for a spring or summer wedding. Even though you’re giving a little bit of belly, it’s still classy and beautiful. Remember though, ladies, less is more.

12. Sexy Wedding Dresses

Sexy is always a nice way to go. Your groom will be ready to kiss his bride when he lays eyes on you. Flash a little leg, that way you can show off those gorgeous sandals and fresh pedicure. Let the girls give a tasteful peek-a-boo. Or you can just simply go backless and your new husband will be itching to run his fingers across your back all night. Go on girl and get your sexy on.

11. Wild West Wedding


When it comes to the style and design, brides and their grooms are saddling up for their western-inspired wedding. This wedding can be very intimate and personal. When it comes to highlights of the wedding, aside from the bride and the kiss that seals the deal, are the wild flowers and leather to compliment the romantic elements. This provides a perfect wedding for the bride and the groom.

10. Dancing

Brides and grooms out there are starting to switch it up by turning their guests into an audience and becoming the performers. Dancing together and giving a performance can be the start of creating new and fun moments together. Step out there, whether it’s the dance floor or doing the salsa down the aisle, and have the time of your life. Who says you can’t have fun and make your own rules on your wedding day?

9. Invitations


Weddings equal presentation. You want the lovely flowers, the colors, the many guests, the ring, and more. After all, it is your big day. You want to see and enjoy the oohs and aahs and the attention. Well, first you have to get the people there. The one and only way to do that is advertisement. The whole point of advertisement is to invite. Why not do it in a unique and creative way? Make those invitations pop out and scream at your friends and loved ones, acquaintances, whoever. This is the event of the year. Choose from the pocket fold invitations if you have lots to share. The rustic is perfect for you wild west brides and grooms. There are many more to choose from like the chocolate wrapper, the engraved wood  invitation, the fairy-tale letterpress, floral and lace, and more.

8. Drinks

wedding drinks | Food Art Inc

The art of mixology is being revived. It’s a celebration that calls for lots of cheers and toasts to the newlyweds. The best thing to do is not only have a bar, but create a signature drink. Be sure to keep it seasonal and don’t forget, you can get creative. You want a great complement to the delightful food spread. Try adding a bit of herbs, zest, or even ginger. If you’re having a summer wedding, go with the spiked fruit cocktail. Give a nice kick to your fruit, also giving a colorful, mouthwatering appeal. Don’t forget to give your concoction a name for your special day.

7. Food

2life | 5 Scrumptious Wedding Food Trends

After an anxiety and nerve-wracking day, you, the groom, and your guests are going to want to replace all that energy for the partying after the ceremony. Couples out there want to serve quality and tasty foods to their guests, and let’s not blame them. Have a snack station. It’s a great way to keep your guests happy if dinner itself wasn’t enough, or even if all that celebrating worked up an appetite. Try turning your favorite foods into wedding-appropriate and small portions, like mac and cheese or chicken and waffles. This way you have the comfort and the fancy.

6. No Dress At All


Some brides out there are starting to push those dresses aside and hang traditional in the back of their closets. You’ve already seen the crop tops are becoming a new wedding style, but how about pants, jumpsuit, or even shorts. Ladies, it is perfectly fine to be comfortable walking down the aisle in something other than a dress, but yet chic and sexy. It’s hot, fierce, and reception-ready. Not to mention how great you’ll look in your photos.

 5. Wardrobe Changes

Now, it is not enough to just wear one dress, the same dress, all night. Nope, it’s not cutting it. Brides are changing attires, not once but twice. Some even three times. More is always better. Ladies, if you’re a fashion loving diva, then you’ll love changing into a different ensemble at different points of the day. This won’t only keep you stylish, but it helps if you can’t make a decision on a reception dress.

 4. Wedding Photos

Make sure you capture every moment of your big day. When you’re taking photos, switch it up a bit. Many newlyweds are setting up photo booths at their weddings nowadays. That’s one way to keep it fun and lasting all night. How about taking it a step further and create a theme? People have tried many different things like superhero undies, under shirts and photo illusions. Play around with a fun and cheesy idea when the time comes.

3. Hairstyles

After the shoes, the hairstyle is what completes the whole look on your special day. Each curl has to be just right, each strand has to be in place. Can’t decide how you want to wear your hair? Well, right now braids and curls are in. Both are versatile looks that make you sexy and beautiful. Try them together in one hair-do and you’ll be a captivating beauty all day long. Don’t forget to accessorize your hair as well. Something as simple as a flower or pin will  a long way.

2. Royal Weddings

Right now, having a royal is a great deal. Brides are inspired by Princess Kate’s wedding, which was amazing. From the dress to the ceremony being held at Westminster Abbey in Westminster, London, we fell in love with the wedding of the century. Even Kim Kardashian-West’s wedding was a royal wedding, wouldn’t you say? A wedding at the Forte di Belvedere in Florence, Italy has royalty written all over it. Look your best, feel your best. Wear that princess styled gown and turn heads. Get out there and enjoy feeling like royalty on your day. You deserve to feel like a queen after all.

1. Disney Cakes

You can always count on Disney to grant you the best time and provide you with memorable moments. This franchise is home to the most popular princesses on the planet. Disney is the king of fairy-tales, why not consider it for your fairy-tale wedding? And what’s a wedding without a cake? You put both together and you’ll have the best wedding cake ever. Disney has found another way to make dreams come true by incorporating a projected mini motion picture onto the wedding cake. How amazing is that? The cake will appear to be a blank canvas one second and the next, you can have Cinderella riding off in her pumpkin carriage on your cake. You can have your happily-ever-after, fairy-tale wedding cake.


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