Have you ever wondered why some people are naturally thin without much effort? On the other hand, a lot of people struggle with weight gain despite subjecting themselves to a strict diet and a rigorous fitness regimen.


You see, there is another factor behind weight loss, and it’s something you might have little control over. It does not have anything to do with your willpower, or lack thereof. In other words, if you have struggled with your weight all your life, it might not be your fault after all. 

Why Special Diets Don’t Work

No one is a stranger to the new fad diets that emerge from time to time. They all sound promising, but why do a lot of people still struggle with weight issues?


A diet simply refers to the kind of foods that you eat regularly. But we are not talking about this kind of diet. We are referring to special and restrictive diets aimed at weight loss. While some people report success with these kinds of diets, the results vary, and for many, the results do not last very long.


The reason why these special diets don’t often work is simple: genetics. According to EasyDNA, a leading provider of DNA testing, each person has a unique genetic makeup and different nutritional needs. Some genes that encourage weight loss while others can be a cause for weight gain. There are also genes that tell the body how to respond to food and exercise. 


The bad news is we cannot change the genes we are blessed with, but the good news is that we can work according to the genes we have. 


To lose those extra pounds and keep them off, it is crucial to know your personalized nutrition and fitness recommendations, which you can get through a health and weight DNA Diet test by EasyDNA.

Why You Need a Healthy Weight DNA Test

According to Traci Mann, a professor of psychology at the University of Minnesota, who has spent over 20 years studying eating habits, dieting for the long term is impossible because of biological and hormonal reasons, which change how our bodies respond to food. Losing weight, she adds, has little to do with sheer willpower as there are other reasons to consider that we cannot fully control. 


Similarly, another study shows how dieting can affect one’s mood, focusing on what you should eat rather than what you should not. But with all these said, what should you do to achieve a healthy weight?


As mentioned earlier, rather than following fad diets, you should know your body in order to identify its unique nutritional and fitness needs. Through a DNA diet and health test aimed at identifying the genetic markers involved in your weight, you will gain access to the following vital information:


  • The presence of genes that encourage weight loss (or the presence of unfavorable genes) that determine your body’s ability to lose weight.
  • How your body processes carbohydrates, proteins, and fat.
  • The specific nutritional recommendations appropriate for your genetic makeup, age, height, and gender.
  • How your body responds to fitness regimens like cardio and strength training.


This information is important in understanding your own body to know which diet is suitable and, giving it the proper care and nutrition that it needs. Again, remember that the goal is to achieve a healthy weight for your age, height, and gender instead of attaining a particular body type. 


A Healthy Weight DNA Test from EasyDNA USA costs only $139. The test results include a comprehensive report about your genetic makeup as well as a detailed exercise and eating plan, allowing you to live your best life fully. It is also recommended that the results are discussed together with one’s own nutritionist or physical trainer to be able to incorporate the recommendations into the overall health management plan.


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