The city of Melbourne is really making a name for itself as one of the world’s most distinguished cities when it comes to arts and culture, and that even includes sports. And with so much to see, taste, and just simply experience, even a short stay in Australia’s self-proclaimed ‘cultural capital’ will provide you with some unforgettable memories. Here’s a small list we’ve compiled of must-do activities in Melbourne.


Exploring the Arts Precinct

For the avid theatre-goers gallery-frequenters out there, catching a show at the Arts Centre, taking a stroll through the NGV, and exploring the surrounding Arts Precinct are all absolute necessities. If you’re looking to cram in as much culture as you can, we recommend staying in the city centre to ensure you’re always close to the action. There’s no shortage of serviced apartments for hire in and around Melbourne’s CBD, which will allow you to easily stay within walking distance of the Precinct, or at the very least with easy access to the city’s free tram zone. And if you’re really lucky, you may even be able to catch the Arts Centre’s iconic ‘Spire’ structure from your window or balcony! 


Shopping of all sorts

One of your first stops should be the city’s famous Queen Victoria Market. Only a short tram ride from the heart of the city, Queen Victoria Market has been running for over 140 years and currently hosts over 600 stalls! This National Heritage Listed spectacle boasts only the freshest and most delectable produce, snacks, fine foods, and alcoholic beverages, alongside a myriad of other goods like souvenirs, homewares, crafts and prints, and even designer and boutique clothing. If your accommodation comes equipped with an ample kitchen, you might also consider heading to the market to source some fresh ingredients for dinner rather than eating out for every meal.


‘Queen Vic’ also participates in a number of festivals and events that the city celebrates annually, such as the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, Sustainable Living Festival, and also a number of cultural events like Lunar New Year and the Europa Night Market. Be sure to follow the market on social media to plan your trip around any events that may appeal to you!


Indulge your inner foodie

From the hustle and bustle of the city centre to the unique character that can be found in each and every suburb, Melbourne certainly boasts a little something for every kind of connoisseur. There are certainly a few stand-out locations across the city’s eclectic restaurant scene, like the leafy suburb of Northcote’s local High Street with its abundance of vegetarian and vegan-friendly venues, and Melbourne’s ‘seaside playground’ the suburb of St Kilda whose main streets are lined with a rich mixture of upscale restaurants and family-owned cafes. These two locales are oozing with their own personal style, so rest assured there’s lots to take in even if your culinary experience is just coffee and cake, or a humble kebab on an evening stroll. And yes, even Melbourne’s cheap eats are to die for.




It’s safe to say that a city so vibrant demands to be explored, so definitely consider adding a visit to Melbourne to your bucket list. You can also visit to ozfinder. But before you head off, be sure to take some time to research what’s on in the city to make sure that you’ll be able to cram in as much of the culture as possible.

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