When you are planning your luxury holiday, you are probably focusing on the destination, the hotel and the food and drink that you are going to consume. Of course, these are very important factors that you need to consider but have you ever thought about how you could make travel luxurious as well? The good news is that you can start the luxury off right from the moment that you leave your house through things such as meet and greet airport services and flying first class. Make sure to keep reading if you’d like to hear more about this.

Airport Carpark

Sick of paying for taxis to get to the airport? Or even worse do you have to get the airport bus that is full of people? If you really want to get your luxury holiday off to the best start, you should consider booking your car’s stay at some of the best airport carparks. There are plenty of car parks available but different car parks have different facilities for example in Birmingham Airport Car Park 5 you can be greeted by a uniformed driver who will take your car to the car park and drop you off just a few minutes’ walk away from where you need to be. For more details you can visit Birminghamparking.com where you can find a breakdown on different services. After researching you know your car is safe, and you’ll feel like you’ve had a personal chauffeur right from the get-go! This sets the tone for the rest of the vacation.  

Business Lounge

Once you’ve got your car parked and you are checked in, the next logical step on your path to luxury is to spend time in the business lounge. Depending on the airport that you are taking off from, you’ll probably have a few different business lounges to choose from. Some airports have their own while others will have lounges for the different airlines. The great thing about these lounges is that you’ll get space to relax and you can enjoy food and drink while you wait to board your flight. This is definitely one of the best ways to get your luxury holiday off to a good start.

First Class

Have you ever flown first class? If not, then now is the time to do it. Different airlines are offering some amazing services for those customers who choose to spend a little more in order to get first class service. You’ll complimentary food, drinks, your own tv as well as a chair that is big enough to be a bed. Some airlines even offer showers and other services which will blow your mind when you pay for your first trip using this service. Don’t be afraid to splash out because it will definitely be worth it in the end. Check out what some of the airlines offer their first class passengers.


Waiting at the airport for the shuttle bus into town or the transfer arranged by your holiday provider can be long and exhausting. It can seem like you are on the coach for a really long time as you watch other people get off and enter their hotel while you wait to arrive at yours. In order to get your holiday off to the best start, organise your own transfers using a chauffeur, or a car service and you’ll be picked up right from the airport terminal. You should also look into some of the airlines that offer transfers from the airport to the hotel as these can be really good and are often a part of the first class travel package.

The Hotel

Once you’ve had your luxury airport and flight experience, you’ll want to have the best possible holiday when you arrive at your destination. Make sure to choose the right destination that offers some of the best luxury hotels and resorts so that you have plenty to choose from. When you are looking for the right hotel, make sure to read reviews and find out if they really do offer everything that they promise to. You don’t want to have to compromise on luxury on your holiday so make sure that the hotel that you choose provides you with excellent service, food and drink throughout your stay.

Final Thoughts

Getting your holiday off to a perfect start can really make or break the entire trip. Travelling can be long and there is no reason why you shouldn’t be treated to a luxurious journey from start to finish. Consider the different aspects of the journey that we have discussed in this article if you want to get your luxurious holiday off to the perfect start. Book your space in the airport hotel, travel first class and enjoy the business lounge in the airport where you’ll be treated like a VIP. When you follow our advice, you’ll never want to travel anything other than first class ever again!


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