Nails are one of the most critical parts of your body care and grooming regime. Other than grooming they also add to the beauty element of your overall look. You cannot pull off a beautiful piece of finger jewel or a wrist accessory if your fingers do not look nice enough. Unfortunately, even with the most flawless skin, your nails have the potential to make your fingers look unappealing.

The bad news is nails are one of the most difficult body parts to maintain, especially for women. One reason is that many women suffer from deficiencies that keep nails from staying healthy and active. They tend to break away or chip off every time you make them grow longer somehow. Even if defects are not an issue, nail-biting habits due to nervousness and anxiety issues worsen the situation. Other than that, nails tend to break away during chores such as dishwashing or typing and can be a real pain to manage. Most women are not able to take out time and money to go to a salon for regular manicure sessions, which makes the situation somewhat miserable for them.

One of the best solutions for such women is to rely on press on nails. These are false acrylic nails that you can put on over your regular nails and flaunt long and healthy look. Contrary to popular myth, you do not need to run to your salon lady to get your press on nails, and it is something you can quickly pull off at home with the right techniques. Before you go ahead with your news on pins, educate yourself about a few things to make it easier for you to manage.


Buying the Right Product

Press on Nails is one of the most common beauty, and grooming product that readily available in the market, and some of them cost nothing beyond peanuts. Most people are tempted to buy the cheaper option. However, be careful of what you are buying. You would not want to be embarrassed by a false nail falling off your finger during a dance session at your college prom. Do your research carefully and invest in one of the top rated press on nails.


Know Your Size

With fingernails, one size does not fit all, Find out what size is your best fit or else you might end up with a nail not installing correctly. If you are buying press on nails for the first time, try to get a set with different size options. Once you are aware of your right fit, you can directly buy a game in your size.


Prep Your Nails

It is essential that you prep up your real nails properly before you put false nails on them. If you have any old nail paint on, remove it correctly using a good nail paint remover. File your nails, so they are evenly shaped. Push back your cuticles but do not chip them or trim them off.


Wearing Them

Apply glue and put on your false nails. Remember that the cement is wet and you will need to give time to your false nails to set or else they will pop off. Do not use your fingers right after you have put on your nails. Once they have dried. File them and tri, them to your preference once they have dried.


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