In 2018, 28.5 million people chose to take a cruise liner for vacation. That was a continued growth from the last year by 7%. There is no surprise the vacation style is a popular one.

Taking your first cruise vacation may seem a little overwhelming but don’t you worry, keep organized and to the details we offer and it will be no different from planning any other vacation in the past!

Initial Details

No matter how much entertainment is available and how many items on the itinerary, there is always the fact that you are stuck on the ship with the other passengers

You need to decide what your comfort level is before shopping around for your top cruise liner.

Luckily many options can be changed depending on your level of comfort around others and the amount of socialization you wish to do on your trip.

Many cruise liners have flexible dining options and comfortable cabins to help with any sort of cramped and closed feelings you may have.


Several details go into the cost of a cruise.

When you are on a budget crunch the best choice, cost-wise, will be a cruise line that sits anywhere from 1 to 2 thousand guests. This will allow for a quality experience but it will be less “personalized”.

However, the intimate experience has its downfall. Many times, the smaller ships do not have the same resources as many of the large capacity liners.

This can mean fewer entertainment options or scaled back options in many ways. It is a trade-off and you should consider what your vacation goals are.


After considering your budget, look at what time frame you want to dedicate to your cruise liner vacation. The ranges are immense and are flexible enough for any one’s plans.

The shortest range in at a long weekend, “staycation”, type trip, and the longest are over half the year-long. Famous Oceania cruise liner, Around the World cruises, are nearly 200 days long! And have a hefty $40,000 price-tag of course.

Consider Your Interests

Cruises will often have a particular focus that they are promoting as the “headline” of the vacation. Your interest would direct your choices depending on which line has the matching offerings.

Of course, the experience will always be extravagant, these little changes are just what will give it that extra “je ne sais quoi”.


With a tag line like, “The Thinking Person’s Cruise” Viking Cruises has made something to live up to.

They have onboard classes, lectures on history and art, wine tastings, and more. These are all themed around the local settings and add a layer of depth to an already beautiful vacation.


When the focus is on the fine fare, Oceania Cruises, sits at the top of the list. Named best cuisine by TravelWeekly, the line continues to innovate within the field of food preparation and presentation.

It is a regular event to have celebrity chefs do and prepare meals on these cruises at this point.

Overall Style and Luxury

Seabourne, Crystal Cruises. Some of the biggest names.

In recent years, Regent cruise lines launched the Seven Seas Explorer. The Explorer is considered one of the most luxurious cruise liners built, the in-room caviar and Versace decor might have something to do with that.

Another favorite that has undergone recent changes, celebrity equinox cruise ship, seems to only even further raise the bar for luxury.

The Maiden Voyage of Your Cruise Liner Vacation is Here!

You have all the what, the where, and the how. Now its time to get those arrangements booked and get that vacation time in. Your cruise liner is waiting and that vacation you have always wanted is right outside your door!

Safe (yet exciting!) sailing is ahead!

With the details in line and your trip ready to go, you have time to indulge in some more reading! If you have enjoyed this article and want more like it, be sure to stop by the blog to see what other lifestyle, travel, and luxurious material you can take in.

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