While we can’t promise sunshine, we can say there is a surplus of activities to choose from while you’re in London. With that in mind, we’ve put a list together for you to give you a taste of what London has to offer this Spring.

Tate Modern Lost in Fog

Tate Modern – “Ten days, Six Night” Exhibit displaying 3/24/17 – 4/2/17.  Photo courtesy of Tate Modern

In many period dramas set around London, we often see fog, it is a style choice that just goes with the city and its dreary weather. This may be why Japanese artist Fujiko Nakaya will be covering the terraces of the Tate Modern in artificial fog. Famous for her artistic use of water vapor to create the stunning fog effects, this is part of the “Ten Days, Six Night” exhibition which will be taking place from March 24 to April 2, 2017).

St. Patrick’s Day

St.Patrick’s Day Festival and Parade 2016. Photo Courtesy of London.gov.uk

If you are going to celebrate Ireland’s most special day, London is one of the best places to be. While it won’t top Ireland of course, London knows how to party, and to drink plenty of Guinness. There will be plenty of Irish food, as well as themed dancing and fun around the city for you to enjoy.

The Globe

Summer Season starting 4/22/17 – 10/15/17. Photo courtesy of Shakespeare’s Globe, London

If you are looking for culture, there are plenty of museums in London. For something special, the Globe Theatre is one of those must-visit places. With a special Romeo and Juliet rumored to be at the Globe this year, directed by Daniel Kramer, this may be a great time to enjoy the famous open-air theater. Just hope the rain holds off so you can enjoy it in all its glory.

The London Marathon

London Marathon event on 4/23/17. Photo courtesy of Virgin Money London Marathon

While many of us won’t take part in the 2017 London marathon itself, if you are visiting the city when the event takes place, it will be well worth spectating. If you are feeling fit though and want to take part in the fun, it will be a run that incorporates many of the landmarks the city has to offer.

Visit a Casino

Hippodrome Casino, London. Photo courtesy of Hippodromecasino.com

With the recent rise of online casinos, there has been debate over which offers a better experience, land-based casinos or online platforms. One thing you can definitely enjoy in London this spring is a visit to one of the capital’s most luxurious casinos. While it may not be easy to get into some of the private gambling clubs like the ones found on Mayfair, a trip to the Hippodrome casino may be a perfect choice as well as many others. If you are too tired for a night out, there are other ways to enjoy your favorite slot games without wasting too much energy which you may want to save for other things.

London Beer Week

London Beer Week past event 3/13/17 – 3/19/17. Photo courtesy of Drinkup.London/beerweek

If you are a fan of beer, then the London Beer Week is the place to be. Plenty of Breweries take up the challenge to produce their best beers at this event and there will be plenty of drinking themed events and tours available for you to go on during this time. Don’t worry if you aren’t a big fan of beer though as plenty of other drinks will be incorporated into the week. Keep an eye out for the ciders, ales, and lagers that are on display as well.

London Coffee Festival

London Coffee Festival from 4/6/17 – 4/9/17. Photo courtesy of Londoncoffeefestival.com

If you aren’t a fan of alcohol but love a good coffee, then the UK Coffee Week may be the choice for you. Taste some of the more extravagant coffees, maybe even learn how to brew it to perfection in your own home. You’ll get to relish in the taste and aromas.

With plenty of shows opening in London in Spring, museums with world-class exhibitions, and the history of the city on show all around us, the capital of the UK is a perfect place to visit in Spring. While we’ve given a nice selection of things that will be happening in the city, there will be plenty of other events too, and most importantly, there will be something fit for everyone.

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