You saved up for a long time. You kept looking up photos of the car before you bought it because you wanted it so much. Maybe you were even dreaming of it. But all that waiting and desiring is over now. You finally have that car you’ve always wanted. You feel as though your life is sorted out. Nothing can go wrong.

But most drivers have these terrible habit that actually damage their car over time. And if you have such habits, then you’re doing damage to your new and precious car. If you really love your car and spent so long trying to get it, why do things that are bad for its health?

There are loads of things that drivers do on the daily that causes long-term damage. But these ones are the ones that are most common – and often the most damaging.


Riding the brakes down the hill

Yeah, I know, you think you’re being really smart by doing this. It makes sense and feels right, I’ll admit. When you’re going down a steep hill and riding the brake as you do so, it feels a lot safer. But you really should be alternating between using the brake and letting it go. If you do this too often, you can wear out your brake pads. Which, of course, you definitely don’t want to do.


Not changing the oil

“Changing the oils” sounds like something a professional mechanic would do. For many people, it simply doesn’t occur to them that an oil change is actually something they can do themselves, and quite easily. Unfortunately, this mindset often comes with the thinking that changing your oil isn’t that important. But if you don’t check your oil and change it when needed, you could end up with severe engine damage.


Shifting before you stop

This is a common mistake. And, to be fair, most people know that it’s a mistake. When you shift into drive while the car is still reversing, for example, you can tell that you’ve just made a mistake. But people underestimate the severity of the damage. Just one instance can do severe damage to your transmission. Don’t do it just because you’re in a rush!


Letting the interior get messy

So you’ve got a sexy new Volkswagen. Your friends are impressed. It makes everyone turn their heads as you drive past. But if anyone were to open the door and step inside, they’d be immediately put off. It’s because you’ve let the inside get into a right state! People forget that just because you don’t spend as much time in your car as you do your house that it’s okay to let it get a little messy. But you could be creating serious hygiene risks, as well as material damage, if you don’t keep the interior clean.


Ignoring the sounds of your Car

Sight and feel are important, of course. But perhaps the feature of your car that can reveal the most to you about its working is the sound. You need to keep an ear out and listen to your vehicle’s symphony. That’s where the first signs of error are usually found!

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