Born and raised in Oxford, United Kingdom, Jacada Travel Founder Alex Malcolm always had a passion for travel. Having always dreamed of one day visiting the South American country of Brazil, he made it his mission to take a trip through this eclectic country upon  graduation from University in Bristol. It was immediately after setting foot in Brazil  that he fell in love with the country and Latin Americaas a whole. The music, the  culture, the people, all inspired Malcolm and upon his return to his home country, he knew he just had to come back for more.

Established in 2008, Jacada Travel’s aim is to provide bespoke private-guided experiences to clients by people that truly know the regions inside and out. Initially launching with only private-guided honeymoons to Latin America, the company has grown rapidly to encompass trips for families, groups of friends and individuals. In January of 2012, after extensive research and product building, Jacada Travel launched a series of bespoke trips to Africa in response to a high demand of clients seeking to travel to additional  destinations with Jacada.
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