Ornella Iannuzzi (link) is an award-winning London-based jewelry designer, creating mainly one-of-a-kind pieces of high-end jewelry. Using a wide range of natural and previous materials, her work is characterized by the harmonious composition of colors and textures, with a certain attraction for the unusual. She creates complex and sculptural eye-catching shapes that appear to have occurred naturally. Unusual settings are her forte and each suits the featured stone,  which can be cut,  rough,  or hand-carved free form.  Ornella Iannuzzi ’s style is highly distinctive  &  powerful and it combines the souls of high fashion and avant-garde into incredibly adventurous pieces that are decidedly dramatic and enigmatic.  Her work challenges preconception of jewelry, crossing the boundaries between artwork and adornment. Most recently she showed her designs stateside, at jeweler Stephen Webster‘s store on Rodeo Drive. Destination Luxury caught up with Ornella Iannuzzion what turned out to be her first ever trip to Los Angeles and talked all about her personal TOP FIVE.

1. When I visit Geneva, I have to eat at the restaurant of the Hôtel du Parc des Eaux-Vives. This stunning architecture has a location equal to none, in the middle of a fabulous park and with an incredible view on the Lac Léman. The menu offers great varieties with local products as well!  Luxe, calme et volupté…just few minutes away from the town center.


2. In Paris, the first place to stop on my list is the Russian Café Pouchkine. Situated on the ground floor of Printemps, it is the ideal place to stop for the most delicious patisserie in town before going shopping on the various floors! I am always fascinated by the amazing amount of choice, the design and the colors of the patisserie, without talking about the taste! Such treats put you in the perfect mood for shopping, and you can then stop at the restaurant below the coupole on the top floor for a meal to recover from shopping in a fantastic Art Nouveau scenery.

Pâtisseries at Pouchkine Café

3. I recently stopped at Spago during my stay in LA.  The drinks looked as good as they tasted and the food was outstanding. The restaurant was very stylish and the service excellent. Definitely a must-stop for whomever is staying in Beverly Hills. On my list for my next visit for sure!




4. My favorite design I’ve create thus far is a ring called Axum and it reflects the architecture of Axum city in Ethiopia. I traveled there in 2010 to source the Wello opals and I completely fall in love with the country! So I decided to make my whole collection based on my travel and called it “Lucy in Wonderland” – Lucy being the first hominid found in Hadar in 1974 and “in Wonderland” because I felt like Alice everyday of my stay.


5.  Goldsmiths’ Fair is the most prestigious jewelry show in Europe, taking place in London in autumn. If you like authentic jewelry with the highest standard of craftsmanship and originality, you must book your ticket now to visit. Located at the Goldsmiths’ Hall next to St Paul Cathedral, the venue is simply magnificent, the food served during the show is succulent, the jewelry is truly awe inspiring.

goldsmithsfair Ornella Iannuzzi

For more on Ornella Iannuzzi and to check out her latest collection, you can visit her website here.

Written by Susan Michals

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